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Kuehnel defining still photos of 2012
Dustin Rhoades gives his 9-month-old son, Michael, a kiss at the home of his in-laws in York Township Sunday. (YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- PAUL KUEHNEL)

I have the greatest respect for capturing defining moments.

Moments that change history. Split seconds that change lives.

A moment captured before uncertainty can become a defining moment.

Chris’s 2012 favorites
Chris’s 2012 favorites

I’m pretty sure I can attribute my natural aversion to favoritism to my being the middle child (and the only daughter), which means everyone’s favorite (!) December task of compiling “Best of” and “Favorites from” the past year is… decidedly not my favorite December task. I’m pretty sure that graf made no sense. But! Here […]

Plotkin’s favorites of 2012
Bill O'Brien leads the Penn State football team onto the field for their first game of the season against Ohio on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012.

Post by Jason Plotkin My favorite photo of the year is more about history and technology than what I feel is my best image. After the tragic Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State resulted in the firing of longtime coach Joe Paterno, the team began the 2012 season with a new head football coach for […]

Paul Kuehnel favorite videos 2012
Paul Kuehnel favorite videos 2012

Paul Kuehnel’s favorite videos for 2012. A look back at 13 videos and why they were important to me. The Challenges of multi-platform journalism

Eileen’s favorites of 2012
Remington, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, shakes off water after jumping into the pool at West Wind Kennels in Thomasville Saturday April 21, 2012. The kennel built a pool and dock where people can train their dogs in dock dog-ing. Remington is owned by Pat Krout of Windsor Twp. DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- EILEEN JOYCE

As an editor I don’t get out to shoot as much as the other photographers. I try to pick up some assignments on weekends and I fill in a lot when photographers are out or run on breaking news. I have to admit that I eagerly assigned myself to photograph dock dogs one Saturday. I […]

A time to mourn: Reporting in Newtown, Conn.
A time to mourn: Reporting in Newtown, Conn.

Reporter Lauren Boyer and I went to Newtown, Conn., on Friday night to help The New Haven Register and our parent company Digital First Media with coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Managing editor Randy Parker already blogged a write-up about why exactly two York, Pa., journalists were sent to cover a non-local […]

Kate’s Favorites of 2012
6-year-old Ty Anderson wears his father's hat as York City Police Officer Ryan Anderson receives two Chief's Commendations during the York City Police Departmental Awards Ceremony Friday, March 23, 2012.   DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

The York City Police Departmental Awards Ceremony is a pretty long and dry affair. Commendations are read aloud word for word to a roomful of people still waking up. Any photo consisting of more than a handshake would be a gem from this event. When I spotted Ty fooling around in his father’s hat I […]

Smoking at a fire
A firefighter smokes a pipe at the scene of a two-alarm fire on the 500 block of West King Street Wednesday, December 5, 2012.  DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

There was something about this man smoking a pipe during the cleanup stages of a two-alarm fire on West King Street yesterday that struck me. I don’t know if it is funny or just weird but it’s something I hadn’t seen before.

Too nice for fishing
Too nice for fishing

(Paul Kuehnel) George Kelbaugh, of North York, said the water was too still at Codorus State Park for the fish to bite but he just enjoys getting out and the solitude. Originally processed from a Nikon NEF file and published on a Nexus 7 tablet. Open post for more information on how I processed this image.

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