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Backlight: when white smoke looks black
On a 10 degree morning PPL's Brunner Island coal fired plant emits white steam but because it is backlit by the sun and do dense it looks dark near York Haven January 23, 2013.  YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - PAUL KUEHNEL

The dramatic art is what my eye saw. However, if this photo was used to accompany a story about a coal fired energy producing plant, it might paint an unrealistic picture about emissions at the plant. Shooting the photo from the other side of the stack with the sun to my back would show white steam and a less interesting picture.

Hidden stories in trash, a slow walk during MLK service
Jaquasisa Gray, age 14, picks up trash next to a discarded teddy bear and childs mattress on South Duke Street Monday January 21, 2013 in York during the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service activity sponsored by Crispus Attucks.    YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - PAUL KUEHNEL

A community day of service for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an interesting slow walk into the discarded trash around York. A Goya apricot juice can, discarded liquor bottles, a knife found in an empty lot.

A tattered teddy bear and a child’s mattress.

Singing for Obama?
Singing for Obama?

Paul Zeigler, a local pastor, has been invited to sing a solo at an inaugural prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C., on Monday. It’s one of about 200 inauguration-centric events in that city on that day, but who knows? Maybe the president will hear this fellow sing. Not that it makes a big difference to Zeigler, […]

Sports reporter Steve Navaroli receiving a round of applause before the start of a swim meet at Dover Area High School Thursday, January 17, 2013.  DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

Today I covered a swim meet with one of my favorite people, sports reporter Steve Navaroli. For the third time in the last couple months I watched as the high school sports community he has covered for years came together to show their support for Steve while he battles throat cancer. You can read about […]

A cast of characters
A cast of characters

Interesting people at assignments make my world go around.

A woman is a living table.

A man in a pinstriped suit dances with his future grandson on an interactive dance floor.

A 22 year old, who has been working since he was 15 building an entertainment business samples a cupcake and a new act.

Are they doing that because I’m there?
Are they doing that because I’m there?

Post by Jason Plotkin I’m taking photos in the cafeteria of an Elementary School last week for an assignment. When I first start taking pictures, the two responses I get from the kids are: a) Making faces and posing with their friends or b) putting their hoods up and saying “No photos!” My usual style […]

Greasy fleece gets… nothing
Greasy fleece gets… nothing

For my first video since being in Newtown, Conn., I did something decidedly… fun. Namely, the annual Sheep to Shawl Competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, wherein teams shear a sheep, card the wool, spin the fiber and weave a shawl that must measure at least 78 inches in length — all within 2.5 hours. […]

Worst game of “Where’s Waldo?” ever
Rep. Scott Perry holds his 20-month-old daughter Mattea while he takes his oath of office in Washington, DC on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2012.

Post by Jason Plotkin I was freaking out. John Boehner was just voted in as the Speaker of the House. I was sitting on a bottom step in the upper balcony of the House in the Capitol, squished between another photographer and a lobbyist who kept asking me to move because she couldn’t see. I […]

Joe Biden, by candlelight, in York, Pa.
"David Lienemann made this unusual photo as staff held flashlights so the Vice President could see as he signed autographs backstage at West York Area High School in York, Pa." (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

This photo offers a cool glimpse at a moment we don’t often get to see — what goes on backstage, behind the curtain, while the gathered crowd waits for the “show” to begin. Here, Vice President Joe Biden signs autographs by the glow of everyday flashlights held by his staff. The image is noteworthy to […]

A baby knows how to enjoy today
Dustin and Rebecca Rhodes with their 9-month-old son, Michael, look over a 2002 York Catholic High School yearbook Sunday in York Township. The couple met at York Catholic and ran cross country together. Rhodes, a 2002 York Catholic graduate and cross-country runner, will undergo brain surgery Wednesday for an aggressive brain cancer. (YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS -- PAUL KUEHNEL)

A baby can remind you how important it is to enjoy all the good moments in a day, every day.

It’s difficult for adults to unwind their emotions from what has happened in the past and what might happen in the future. We are guided by what we have learned – for better or worse. A happy infant knows that right now is wonderful, precious and sacred because he knows nothing else.

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