Joe Biden, by candlelight, in York, Pa.

“David Lienemann made this unusual photo as staff held flashlights so the Vice President could see as he signed autographs backstage at West York Area High School in York, Pa.” (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

This photo offers a cool glimpse at a moment we don’t often get to see — what goes on backstage, behind the curtain, while the gathered crowd waits for the “show” to begin.

Here, Vice President Joe Biden signs autographs by the glow of everyday flashlights held by his staff. The image is noteworthy to us because it happened at West York High School, during Biden’s visit in September 2012.

Thanks to the magic of social media, we stumbled upon this image today. A Twitter link brought us to Flickr, where we browsed the White House’s photostream. There, you’ll find images ranging from sweet to serious, silly to poignant. And others that, historically, are just plain cool.

With government entities, such as the White House staff, sharing their own (albeit biased) images taken behind the scenes, it affords us another avenue for photo sharing and visual storytelling in the digital age. But we must keep in mind the source of such images. And we can’t let them replace the need for a free press to pursue fair and accurate newsgathering.

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