De-stress with sun salutation – like a whole class in one package

The school year is coming to an end which can mean stress for students and parents alike. Start your day in a calm frame of mind with some yoga. Lisa Taylor with Evolution Power Yoga walks us through sun salutation a, which she describes as a whole yoga class wrapped up in one little package.

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No Sweat York turns up the heat for its free June fitness classes

There has been great feedback about the May No Sweat in the Park schedule and we hope you will make it out for our classes in June that will turn up the heat.

The York Daily Record is committed to helping our community get stronger and feel better and we do that together with our No Sweat, York initiative.

June’s classes will be held Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. on the lawn behind our building at 1891 Loucks Road. No registration required. Whether you are a woman, man, fitness junkie or have never even considered working out, these classes are for you. They’re a fun experience with no-pressure in a supportive environment.

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Benefits of gardening

You might ask, what is the point of gardening if I can go to the grocery store or local market to buy my fruits and vegetables? Good question, but gardening has more benefits than just having a tomato you planted in your salad.

Many understand that “natural” or “organic” food is better than the highly processed food at the grocery store. But there are other benefits to planting your own garden.

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Waves and High-Fives



This week the devastation, chaos, and sadness of the world has felt huge. Too big to wrap my head around. Fallout from events like the earthquake in Nepal and the situation in Baltimore made my heart heavy.

It was with that heavy heart I went on a short run this morning, mind swirling, and was reminded of the good in people, and why I love York. The first thing to pull me from this darkness was a fellow runner who held out his hand and high-fived me as we passed. He didn’t say anything, just held it up for me. Continue reading “Waves and High-Fives” »

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How to keep your energy level up all day

Julie Stefanski, clinical dietitian at WellSpan Health

What do you try to turn to for energy? A nap? A vitamin supplement? Many products these days are promising to provide a boost of vitality just when you need it. When it comes to real energy though, nothing can beat a good night’s sleep along with just a few simple eating strategies that, when done consistently, can help you fuel your busy day.

When we sleep our bodies draw fuel from our liver, muscles, and fat stores to keep us alive during the night while we’re in a fasting state. Within 1 to 2 hours of getting up it’s important to at least have something small to wake up the body or to in essence “break the fast.” If you don’t feel hungry first thing in the morning or you are nauseous, build up your tolerance with just a graham cracker or 4 ounces of liquid like 1% cow’s milk or chocolate almond milk. Train your stomach to learn to look for breakfast. Often, it’s merely habit that causes breakfast skipping or the fact that you overate the night before.

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No Sweat team participates in the Race Against Racism

Most of the No Sweat team

Most of the No Sweat team

Two days later, I’m still reminded of the fun I had this weekend with part of my arm, neck and snot while blowing my nose still a faded blue color. So worth it.

Saturday was chilly but that didn’t stop the No Sweat team from participating in the Race Against Racism at the YWCA on Market Street and we had a blast doing it.

After maneuvering the NewsVroom into the parking lot, we started passing out No Sweat in the Park schedules and seeing people excited about it is getting us pumped for our first session next week.

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Girls on the Run diary #10: attaining the big goal


Submitted: Lora and her running buddy at the Race Against Racism

Submitted: Lora and her running buddy at the Race Against Racism

Our guest contributor for the past couple of months (thank you Lora!) has been Lora Nowak, a 6th grader at Dallastown Intermediate School in Girls on the Run. She worked toward her goals and participated in the Race against Racism Saturday, April 25.

Girls on the Run is a physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd through 8th grade.

Friday, April 24 (the day before the race): Hey, this week during girls on the run we spent our time working on a service project. Our service project was a canned food drive for cancer patients. We put out bins around our school and asked people to donate canned food. We still need to count/ collect the food we got. To celebrate we had a party and had a lot of fun! We played some fun games like truth and dare. I hope I do well in the race! I hope the weather is good! Thanks for reading my blogs!

– Lora;-)

After the race: This past season at girls on the run will be unforgettable. The coaches and girls I met during this program helped me complete my run and helped me keep a positive attitude. This was my best time in a public race! (What a good way to end GOTR!) I had fun prepping for the race with my friends. This will be my last time at girls on the run and I’m sad I have to leave but, the memories and strategies I gained from this program will help walk me through life. I will continue running no matter what and I will continue being positive. Thank you for reading my blog!

-Lora :-)

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Make This: Sweet Potato Fries

Mmm… french fries. We’ve got a recipe for quick and easy sweet potato fries. Make these to satisfy your craving without sacrificing your healthy habits.



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YWCA- York and NETA to host two exercise workshps

YWCA and National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA), a non-profit fitness professional association, are co-sponsoring two nationally-recognized workshops.

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Playful sidewalk project aims to increase youth physical activity

082413-JP-Yorkfest.jpgAccording to the CDC, children require 60 minutes of daily physical activity to stay healthy and strong.  These activities should be predominately aerobic and should also include muscle and bone strengthening exercises.  Kids who walk, run, hop, squat and jump during play activity accomplish these goals.  Many York children do not reach their daily activity levels.

Bring on Play (BOP), as part of the Eat Play Breathe York healthy living movement, has developed a new initiative: Play Everywhere.  BOP’s concept is to implement play elements into areas regularly frequented by children.  Playful Sidewalks, a pilot project, will roll out on June 19, the United Way of York County’s Day of Action.  On that Friday, BOP, partners and local artists will paint playful sidewalk art throughout the City of York.  The  art will incorporate play opportunities, such as hopscotch, into the design.  Twenty projects will be implemented in various regions of the city along routes that youth tend to travel.

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