5 questions with No Sweat contributor Sara Glines

Sara Glines
York Daily Record publisher

Name: Sara Glines
Lives in: Downtown York

1. Current health or fitness goal? Run five days a week and swim once a week.

2. Favorite place to sweat? Any where outside and the YMCA pools.

3. A tip for eating well? You can’t eat what isn’t in the house.

4. Best lesson learned about wellness?

Be sensible, not extreme.

5. Top 3 songs on your workout playlists? I listen to NPR when I run.

About Leigh Zaleski

I'm a health features reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News and healthy living blogger for No Sweat, York. Contact me with story ideas at lzaleski@ydr.com, 717-771-2101 or @leighzaleski on Twitter.
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One Response to 5 questions with No Sweat contributor Sara Glines

  1. Deb Gogniat says:

    No Sweat is off to a great start. Thank you YDR!

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