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I've been a staff photographer at YDR for about 7 years. I'm into visual media, running, and food. Reach me @k8penn

Healthy Game Day Recipes

The Super Bowl is just two weeks away. With all the local teams well out of the running, here at No Sweat York our focus is less on the game, more on the food. If you want to enjoy the … Continue reading

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Spit: The Great Equalizer

Running makes me feel good about myself. Strength, confidence, drive, these are things running gives me. But there seems to be some sort of running equilibrium out there. Because anytime I get too confident, running serves me a piece of … Continue reading

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Complete Arm Workout Routine with Heidi Parr

Sure it’s freezing now. But in a few short months you’ll be sporting short sleeves and tank tops on a regular basis. If you want to tone your arms and build muscle for the season, now is the time to … Continue reading

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Need motivation? Sign up for one of these races

It’s cold, it’s early, it’s still dark, and your cat (spouse, dog, fish, whatever) just snuggled in closer, begging you not to leave the bed. So why do it? The newness of 2015 is fading, and with it so are … Continue reading

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Fit in 15 – Band Workout

Robert Williams with the York JCC demonstrates a mobile workout routine using an exercise band. Williams says this workout is great for fitting in between commitments. Find Williams and other staff members on the York JCC facebook page.

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Ode to a Snow Shoveler

Dear Sir or Madam who shoveled three blocks of South George Street Tuesday morning,            You are awesome. Thank you. You’re only required to shovel the sidewalk in front of your own house. Instead, you ran your shovel down several … Continue reading

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20-minute No Equipment Workout

Personal trainer Heidi Parr demonstrates a 20-minute workout that requires no equipment. Perfect for when you are traveling or don’t want to drag your butt to the gym. This video runs for 20 minutes. Once the exercises start the only … Continue reading

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Plan your spring marathon

Whew. The holidays are finally drawing to a close. While I love all the sparkles and festivities that November and December bring, I’m pretty sure my balanced diet of eggnog and cookies was not sustainable. (Can you sweat eggnog? I … Continue reading

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Resistance Band Workout with Heidi Parr

New to resistance band workouts? You can get bands at stores like Target, Walmart, and Dicks. Personal trainer Heidi Parr says resistance bands give you a great workout. But it’s important when using them you don’t allow slack in the … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to (briefly) put down the eggnog and go for a holiday run

You’re wearing your comfiest pajamas, netflix is playing the yule log video, the cat is entertaining you by trying desperately to shake off her adorable holiday outfit, and it’s the one time of year you can get away with drinking … Continue reading

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