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Katie Markey McLaughlin, M.S., is a freelance journalist and blogger who’s passionate about all things healthy living. Learn more about her writing at KatieMcLcom.

The 5-Word Motto Truly Healthy People Live By

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You fell off the healthy wagon for a few weeks—or months, or years, whatever—and can’t seem to jump back on because the thought of overhauling your diet or adding exercise to your already-crammed schedule … Continue reading

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How to get fit in 30 minutes a day

There was a time when I believed the only way to get in shape was to dedicate at least an hour per day to exercise. While I may have been able to swing that in my former life (otherwise known as … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend

We’ve all been there: You fill your weekdays with fresh veggies and exercise sessions, only to spend your weekend eating fried food while sitting on the couch watching episode after episode of The Walking Dead. Sticking to healthy habits seems … Continue reading

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Want to eat healthier? Try seeing the glass as half-full

When my stomach rumbles around 3:00 pm, I often struggle to reach for an apple instead of a cookie. Despite knowing the advantages of choosing a piece of fruit over a baked good, I’m still tempted by the call of … Continue reading

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New food labels could make healthy eating easier

If you’ve ever gone cross-eyed trying to read a nutrition label on your food, you’re in luck. In February the Food & Drug Administration unveiled some significant changes to the labels that are intended to reduce confusion about what’s healthy … Continue reading

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Study finds guilt and shame are common at the doctor’s office

My toddler is beginning to test the waters of his independence, and subsequently I’ve been reading up on the most effective discipline techniques for the under-two population. A common theme is to label the behavior as negative but not the … Continue reading

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North York woman sheds one third of her body weight

In the 15 months since her first session with the physician-guided program, Kristen Sheffer has lost 120 pounds through a combination of healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes

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7 smartphone apps to make healthy eating easier

Whatever your pitfall, one of these tools can help you stay on track to reach your nutrition goals.

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Sit less, stand more to improve your health

Many people spend eight or more hours a day sitting in a chair, and it’s not good for your health.

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Fitness trends for 2014: HIIT, body-weight training, fitness programs for older adults

An annual survey, which was completed by more than 3,800 fitness professionals, predicts what types of exercises, fitness classes, and training programs will be popular in the year to come.

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