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Healthy choices in new York Newspaper Co. vending machines

The York Newspaper Co. has installed new vending machines in its break room, offering healthier choices for those late-afternoon munchies.

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Quitters! Districts bailing on healthier school lunches

Thorns: To news that, after just one year, many school districts quit the new federal lunch program that promoted healthier foods.

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Unsung sports: Kayak attack

Kayaking can be great exercise – and there are many great places to paddle in York County. The Codorus even has whitewater!

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Unsung Sports: Anything but television this summer…

An exhortation to get out there and DO THINGS this summer. Don’t waste your precious childhood in front of the TV or the computer.

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Unsung sports: Disc golf

Disc golf can be a good exercise – especially if you step up the pace.

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Unsung sports: Breaking badminton

Badminton can be more than just a picnic game – it can be great exercise if you ramp up the intensity.

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Today’s toon

Sharing this recent editorial cartoon by Joe Heller because it fits the theme of this blog.

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Rediscovering the gym — and bonding with my son

My son has inspired me to go to the gym to lift – forsaking my beloved plastic and concrete weight set.

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Police should enforce 4-foot rule when it happens right in front of them

The new law requiring drivers to give bicyclists four foot of leeway is no good if police don’t enforce it.

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Cycling in the dark and cold: Can’t bring myself to do it anymore

Bicycling in the cold and dark is no fun. Come on, spring!

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