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Spare your friends, brag about your runs in a training log.

I’ve been keeping a training log pretty much since the day I started training for my first race. It’s one of the 80 billion things you read that you’re supposed to do that I actually stuck with. (Wearing a heart … Continue reading

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Hot yoga. It’s a powerful thing

Mark and I went to a hot yoga class last night, at a yoga studio here in York. Our friend Craig invited us. I mean, I thought he was our friend. Now I am not so sure. He failed to mention that this was a hot yoga class. I have taken a few beginner yoga classes at Lotus Moon in York city. Those classes were easy going, the room was the perfect temperature, there was happy morning sunlight streaming through the windows, and they played spa music, burned incense, and talked in a soothing voice about thanking yourself for all the beautiful things you do and how cool you are that you came to yoga.

Hot yoga is nothing like that at all and Craig failed to mentally prepare me for what was about to happen. Pretty sure I will never forgive him for that. Ever.

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Disc golf great for family exercise

Until this past Saturday I was an official disc golf rookie. If you’re looking for a fun way to get more active and enjoy the outdoors, disc golf may be right up your alley. Our family has fun causally tossing discs into a goal in the backyard or into the entrance to our trampoline, but we were ready to aim for some real holes this time.

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Marathon Training #Fail

I am not going to PR my next marathon. There. I said it. Since I started running five years ago, each race I worked to be faster than the last time. Push push push. I worked hard for my PRs, … Continue reading

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No Sweat yoga tonight canceled

Bad news everyone, it has started to rain here and by the looks of the radar it will only get worse. We’re going to have to cancel yoga tonight, but we hope that you all will join us next season! … Continue reading

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Lacing Tricks

If you’ve ever had problems with your heels slipping in your sneakers, or need to relieve some pressure on the top of your foot, Greg Baum, owner of Flying Feet, has you covered. You can fix both these problems just … Continue reading

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Live Your Adventure! Embrace Aging

“Old Age” jokes are pretty popular during birthday parties.  I’m sure that you have heard, or muttered, at least one of these: “You know that you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake!” “Old age isn’t … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to the Brillhart Station Port-a-Potty

There is nothing quite so terrifying as having to go to the bathroom when you’re on a long run in the middle of nowhere. I don’t mean middle of nowhere like on a secluded, well-covered trail where one could pop … Continue reading

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Walk often; Walk Safely

Walking is a great source of exercise and physical activity! I walk regularly for both fitness and as a mode of travel.  You can imagine my surprise when, yesterday, following a meeting about pedestrian and bike safety, I was hit … Continue reading

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Long listens for long runs

A peppy mix of songs with a good beat is my ideal soundtrack for a short-mid length run. If I’m on my feet for under 90 minutes, I want some obnoxious pop songs and I want them catchy! But when … Continue reading

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