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I can’t believe I am admitting this

My boyfriend, Mark, and my good friends Jane and Craig are cyclists and runners. They are always trying to convince me to run, and I am always reminding them that I don’t run. What’s that joke? If you see me running, start running too, because it means a zombie is chasing me. So when Mark and I went hiking on the “goat trail” at Lake Redman yesterday, with Foxy the wonder dog, no one was more surprised than me when I started to run.

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Kickboxing in the Park!

This Tuesday about 100 of you joined us for kickboxing with Jen Kuhn for No Sweat in the Park. You sweated, kicked butt, and looked totally awesome doing it. Relive the glory of all your hard work in this video, … Continue reading

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Fight Like Hill Triath-a-thon

Dover Area High School Student Council will host an event to raise money for the family of a senior student, Maddison Hill, who is battling leukemia for the third time.

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The Solidarity of Socks

A few weeks ago I came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan to defeat the defecting sock problem. I was going get rid of all my socks and buy 15 new pairs of socks that were all identical. This way, I would not have to look through a pile of laundry to find a matching sock – that we all know isn’t going to be there anyway.

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Make This: Apple Slaw

Barbeques are starting to fill our calendars in the best way possible. In celebration of this, we’re resurrecting this recipe for apple slaw. Bright and crunchy, this slaw delivers taste without the heavy dressing that packs calories in traditional slaw.

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Pack your summer with short races

May and June are in between training months for many people. This makes it a great time to get in some shorter races. Here’s some local short races to keep you moving and motivated in the off-season! Run for the … Continue reading

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The Netflix workout: exercise of binge watchers

It’s a thing, and I don’t think I made it up. But in case I did, I’d like to share my workout that forces you to stay put in that gym, on that treadmill, for at least an hour.

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Fitness instructor class focuses on older adults

On Sunday, May 17, Senior Fitness, Inc. will be at Strictly Fitness in East York for a class on how to teach older adults hot to avoid falls, increase their confidence and maintain their independence.

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Walking toward fitness and positivity

By Susan Mafnas, York Daily Record editorial assistant I’m not giving up just yet. A year ago in March I had knee surgery for a meniscus tear and was diagnosed with severe arthritis. I consider myself a young-at-heart, active woman … Continue reading

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Come Sweat With Us!

About 100 people joined our No Sweat team for the first No Sweat in the Park of the summer! We loved having you all here, and we hope even more of you join us next week. Need some motivation to … Continue reading

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