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Wednesday Walks again canceled because of rain

A combination of rain, puddles and chilly temperatures forced us to cancel the weekly walk (for the second Wednesday in a row — boo!).

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Race Recap: Chicago

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned on this blog that my marathon was coming up. Maybe once in passing? Or every day all the time for the last 4 months … one of those. As such, I’m sure you’ve been glued … Continue reading

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If you find me upside down, please don’t take a photo

I am primarily a road biker.  I know some people think riding on the road is dangerous, but I feel very comfortable on the road; it’s paved and you just have to bike in a straight line and hope you … Continue reading

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Fit in 15 – Dynamic Stretching

Personal trainer Robert Williams Jr. stresses the importance of a dynamic workout. The purpose of a dynamic warm-up is to get blood flowing through the body, and get the body ready to do work. You’re preparing your body for movement, … Continue reading

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The waaaaiting is the hardest part

You guys, Tom Petty totally gets me. Waiting is the PITS. I am officially out of things I can do to prepare for my marathon this weekend. Miles have been logged, suitcases packed, all that’s left is getting on the … Continue reading

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National Les Mills Trainers are coming to York!

Are you a Les Mills junkie? Do you have BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, or BODYFLOW classes marked on your calendar every week?  Do you arrive at class early to make sure that you have your spot in class?  Do you wear MMA gloves … Continue reading

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Video: Tactif 717 Level 4 Workout

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Jason Cavanaugh is head coach and owner of Tacfit 717 in Dallastown. Tacfit works on a four-level system, with one being the easiest, four the most challenging. This week’s video is level four. … Continue reading

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The devastation of running less, eating less

Starting about 3 weeks from race day, most marathon training plans call for a taper. Tapering, if you’re not familiar with this particular form of torture, is basically a decrease in mileage to help your body be in top form … Continue reading

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Fighting my fall eating habits

I have a hard time when this time of year creeps around. I drink all of the pumpkin spiced lattes. I eat all of the apple butter, apple pie, pumpkin bread and sugary treats. I stop exercising because it gets … Continue reading

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Keep up your fitness routine even as the weather changes

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The cooler weather, football, the changing leaves, school, and the cool, crisp smell of the fall season that hits my nose when I step outside to go for a run. I love … Continue reading

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