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Get your bike ready for spring

Jay Zech with Gung Ho Bikes shows a few basic things you can check on your bike to make sure you’re ready to ride. For a bike that’s been sitting for a winter (or a few winters), this video can … Continue reading

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Exercise, portion control will keep pets fit and furry

Regular exercise can prevent a host of medical issues in dogs and cats. Plus you can burn calories without hitting the gym.

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Every runner has a story

I started interviewing local runners this January. I had known since last year I wanted to do a project that looked at athletes who ran the Boston Marathon last year. Specifically, I wanted to talk to runners who were going … Continue reading

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No Sweat, Literally: A girl’s got to eat

I underestimate the power of my stomach. It was a busy week for me. Throw in 5K training for the Race Against Racism/Splash of Color and I just felt like things weren’t slowing down. I’m getting married in a month, … Continue reading

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Give Blood for Boston

Looking for a positive way to honor the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings? Give blood with the York Road Runners and the American Red Cross for the first Boston Strong Memorial Blood drive. The drive runs 2-7:30 on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, “Tri Tri” Again

I’m currently injured – swollen cartilage underneath my kneecap. Grumble! I’m in Physical Therapy, strengthening my hips, knees and glutes and hoping that this is the last time I’m in PT for a VERY long time! So, right now, I’m … Continue reading

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Healthy alternatives to sugar-filled Easter candy

Children often wake up Easter morning to be treated to overflowing baskets of sugary treats. But most of those basket options lack nutritional value and will load your little ones up with sugar, saturated fat and little else. Do you … Continue reading

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You go girl . . .

Last summer I attacked my fear of hills with a vengeance and biked up Copenhaffer Road. Both sides. Without walking my bike. But hills still scare me a little bit – I think they always will.

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Put safety first when riding bikes with family this spring

A safety tip as simple as wearing a helmet can prevent injuries — sometimes fatal — as bikers take to the trails and streets this summer.

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Air for my Armpits

Guys, it finally happened. The first tank top run of the year, a glorious day to be celebrated across the land! In a few months I will be begging for mercy from the heat, but right now I’m basking in … Continue reading

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