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The waaaaiting is the hardest part

The week before a race is always the hardest for me. The work is done. All that’s left to do is compete and see what you can do. But instead you’ve got to go to work, sleep, pull back on … Continue reading

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How I became a Rockstar

Spend some time with me, or just ask my mom about me, and you’ll quickly learn I can be stubborn. So when a friend repeatedly told me I needed to get a repair kit for my fancy new bike, I … Continue reading

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This job comes with summers off right?

Raise your hand if your job is really getting in the way of your summer. Long bike rides, early morning runs, open water swims, kayaking trips, not to mention barbeques, campfires, and mesh shorts. (Zippers and buttons are for suckers) … Continue reading

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Volunteers needed for the Y-TriDu5K

If you’ve ever participated in a race you know, races are made possible only by volunteers. They dole out smiles and encouragement while directing runners and riders along the course. When I’m racing I make a point to thank whoever … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I am admitting this

My boyfriend, Mark, and my good friends Jane and Craig are cyclists and runners. They are always trying to convince me to run, and I am always reminding them that I don’t run. What’s that joke? If you see me running, start running too, because it means a zombie is chasing me. So when Mark and I went hiking on the “goat trail” at Lake Redman yesterday, with Foxy the wonder dog, no one was more surprised than me when I started to run.

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The Solidarity of Socks

A few weeks ago I came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan to defeat the defecting sock problem. I was going get rid of all my socks and buy 15 new pairs of socks that were all identical. This way, I would not have to look through a pile of laundry to find a matching sock – that we all know isn’t going to be there anyway.

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Bike in York month

May is National Bike Month, providing 31 days to become aware of the benefits of bicycling.  The League of American Bicyclists, founded in 1880, is leading the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.  By creating safer roads … Continue reading

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Change of Scenery

I run the same routes a lot. It’s just how it goes. You leave your house and there’s only so many options. Turn left or turn right, and go. Running from my house saves precious time, but after a long … Continue reading

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Y-Tri training ride. Tri it!

See what I did there with that headline? Bet that’s the first time you’ve seen that joke. Really though, I mean it. The Y-TriDu5K is on the horizon with a race date of June 28. If you’re thinking about signing … Continue reading

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Beautiful weather makes me happy, even when I’m in the Gut

Being the weather freak that I am, I knew Monday was going to be nice days beforehand, and arranged to take the day off from work. I had to get permission from Jess, my paralegal. Jess is the gatekeeper to my happiness and she’s pretty tough. But the idea of a warm, sunny day even put Jess in a good mood, and I was the lucky beneficiary.

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