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I can’t believe I am admitting this

My boyfriend, Mark, and my good friends Jane and Craig are cyclists and runners. They are always trying to convince me to run, and I am always reminding them that I don’t run. What’s that joke? If you see me running, start running too, because it means a zombie is chasing me. So when Mark and I went hiking on the “goat trail” at Lake Redman yesterday, with Foxy the wonder dog, no one was more surprised than me when I started to run.

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Running: It’s free, full of freedom and flush with flora

Here are some of the great spots for runs around York County.Here are some of the great spots for runs around York County.

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Pack your summer with short races

May and June are in between training months for many people. This makes it a great time to get in some shorter races. Here’s some local short races to keep you moving and motivated in the off-season! Run for the … Continue reading

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Marathons: The good, the bad and the fish tacos

It’s been two days since I ran the Coastal Delaware Marathon. A good time to reflect on what went right, what went wrong, and contemplate moving to an apartment with an elevator. (Three flights of stairs, what was I thinking???) … Continue reading

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Only a month away from Tie Dye 5K

Once again, the spirit of people amazes. One such person, Spring Garden Township resident Missy Mulcahy, was recently named volunteer of the year by the American Heart Association. While I am proud to call Missy my friend, I am also … Continue reading

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Waves and High-Fives

This week the devastation, chaos, and sadness of the world has felt huge. Too big to wrap my head around. Fallout from events like the earthquake in Nepal and the situation in Baltimore made my heart heavy. It was with that … Continue reading

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No Sweat team participates in the Race Against Racism

Saturday was chilly but that didn’t stop the No Sweat team from participating in the Race Against Racism at the YWCA on Market Street and having a blast doing it.

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Girls on the Run diary #10: attaining the big goal

Our guest contributor for the past couple of months has been Lora Nowak, a 6th grader at Dallastown Intermediate School in Girls on the Run. She worked toward her goals and participated in the Race against Racism Saturday, April 25.

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Change of Scenery

I run the same routes a lot. It’s just how it goes. You leave your house and there’s only so many options. Turn left or turn right, and go. Running from my house saves precious time, but after a long … Continue reading

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Hope for Today 5k: Addiction Awareness and Recovery

To me, people who got into drugs and ruined their lives were people who were raised by parents who didn’t care or were nonexistent. They were people who likely had no morals or standards by which to live. I was always taught to “just say no” and I couldn’t understand how hard of a concept that was for others to grasp. Four years ago, I got into a relationship with an addict.

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