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Make This: Sweet Potato Fries

Mmm… french fries. We’ve got a recipe for quick and easy sweet potato fries. Make these to satisfy your craving without sacrificing your healthy habits.    

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The journey of losing weight is about a tailored lifestyle

Two women, one in New Freedom the other in Manchester Township embarked on a weight-loss journey that ended up changing their lives. They say that it’s true that healthy living is a lifestyle, but it’s different for everyone.

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How to practice mindful eating

After a stressful day as usual, you settle into the couch until your favorite T.V. programs are over. You’re not even sure when it turned into a daily routine. Looking down you notice the entire contents of the bag of pretzels in your lap has disappeared without you even noticing. Sound familiar? If this is a frequent experience, both your body and your health may benefit from eating more mindfully.

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6 trendy veggies to give a try

By Julie Stefanski, clinical dietician for WellSpan Health For the Weekly Record Spring vegetables are in a tasty and hearty category of plants that can stand up to the cold and don’t need nearly as much warm sun to grow … Continue reading

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Beans, beans the magical fruit

It’s time to spill the beans on the benefits of beans. We’re specifically talking about the vegetable, not coffee “beans,” those are actually not beans. There are over 1,000 different varieties of beans which are available dry, frozen or canned.

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Make sure to make time for family meals

Who doesn’t have a busy schedule these days? With increasing time commitments to sports and activities, families are often skipping eating together in order to fit everything in. Several studies though have shown that children and especially teenagers who eat dinner as a family have healthier diets, watch less television, and engage in less risky behaviors.

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Sweet and Spicy Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers

Barbecue season is on the horizon, and so are tank tops and bathing suits. Enjoy outdoor cooking guilt-free with these sweet and spicy shrimp and pineapple skewers.

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So many choices, which milk is best for you?

Soy, rice, flax, almond, coconut, hemp, potato, chia, oat and now cashew milk? The ever growing list of plant beverages offered as cow’s milk alternatives makes the choice for topping a bowl of cereal a little confusing these days.

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Easter News: Pennsylvania ranked #14 ‘most hammy’ U.S. state

According to the Del Monte Easter Feast Ranking, Pennsylvania residents are already making plans for a tasty holiday meal — selecting ham and corn as popular menu items. Based on a study of search data from Google Trends and post data from Facebook Insights over the past 90 days, Pennsylvania residents plan to “ham it up” and “get corny” this Easter season.

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Professionals give their tips for living a healthy lifestyle #5

This is the final entry in the No Sweat York Blog’s tips from local healthcare providers on how you can “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” and meet the theme of National Nutrition Month®.

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