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Instagram accounts to follow for healthy eating inspiration

Sometimes inspiration for healthy eating is achieved by surrounding ourselves with helpful hints and reminders to make good choices. There are several bloggers, cook book writers and healthy living advocates I like to follow on Instagram to help me keep … Continue reading

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Get your bike ready for spring

Jay Zech with Gung Ho Bikes shows a few basic things you can check on your bike to make sure you’re ready to ride. For a bike that’s been sitting for a winter (or a few winters), this video can … Continue reading

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Healthy alternatives to sugar-filled Easter candy

Children often wake up Easter morning to be treated to overflowing baskets of sugary treats. But most of those basket options lack nutritional value and will load your little ones up with sugar, saturated fat and little else. Do you … Continue reading

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Quinoa buffalo bites are a fun, meatless appetizer

Quinoa is a grain rich in fiber, iron and protein. It’s commonly used as a meat substitute in vegetarian or vegan meals, but it can also be a great way to cut back on meat in your grocery bill as … Continue reading

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YMCA Healthy Kids Day is April 26, 2014!

Today, according to the York City Bureau of Health, 44 percent of York children aged 2 to 19 are overweight or obese.  In addition, most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the … Continue reading

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Want to eat healthier? Try seeing the glass as half-full

When my stomach rumbles around 3:00 pm, I often struggle to reach for an apple instead of a cookie. Despite knowing the advantages of choosing a piece of fruit over a baked good, I’m still tempted by the call of … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy With A Busy Schedule

I know that my health starts to suffer when I’m busy. Is it easy to get a Happy Meal or to cook something healthy? Well of course we’d all say a Happy Meal, but I think we can make it … Continue reading

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Easy, affordable ways to add vegetables to my diet

I’m not much for vegetables. I like them and all, but when it comes to snacks, I prefer cheese or nuts, maybe even carbs. And meals are hardly just a salad for me. A rule in our house is that … Continue reading

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Meatout Mondays: Vegan Tetrazzini

I love comfort foods, especially if it includes pasta. This vegan seitan tetrazzini is perfect for a rainy Monday.

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Get your fill of seafood with affordable, healthy fish cakes

Browsing the seafood case at the local supermarket can be overwhelming for some people. All those fish eyes looking back at shoppers can have people wondering if they even know how to prepare them for dinner. But getting past your … Continue reading

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