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Want to eat healthier? Try seeing the glass as half-full

When my stomach rumbles around 3:00 pm, I often struggle to reach for an apple instead of a cookie. Despite knowing the advantages of choosing a piece of fruit over a baked good, I’m still tempted by the call of … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy With A Busy Schedule

I know that my health starts to suffer when I’m busy. Is it easy to get a Happy Meal or to cook something healthy? Well of course we’d all say a Happy Meal, but I think we can make it … Continue reading

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Easy, affordable ways to add vegetables to my diet

I’m not much for vegetables. I like them and all, but when it comes to snacks, I prefer cheese or nuts, maybe even carbs. And meals are hardly just a salad for me. A rule in our house is that … Continue reading

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Meatout Mondays: Vegan Tetrazzini

I love comfort foods, especially if it includes pasta. This vegan seitan tetrazzini is perfect for a rainy Monday.

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Experts weigh in on the value of vitamins, supplements

When it comes to supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals and other remedies, local experts believe that less is more.

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Meatout Mondays: Quick and easy vegan snacks

Some diets say no snacks, and some say they are mandatory. All I know is, I love vegan snacks. What is your favorite snack on Meatout Mondays?

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Homemade baked sweet potato chips

The new gig at work is certainly helping me in my strive to live a more fit life. I’ve been logging my workouts and still eating what I want, but watching my portions and trying to make healthier substitutions when … Continue reading

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York County Food Alliance talks about improving food system at first meeting

The new alliance consists of people, businesses and organizations that share a common goal.

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Yum! Oranges!

Eat Play Breathe York has released its latest Yum! video. Snack on an orange while you watch!

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Chocolate Beet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing recipe a lighter version of grandma’s dessert

Beets provide moisture and sweetness, but not as many calories as butter and sugar.

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