Program gets girls running while boosting confidence

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Registration opened Tuesday for YWCA York’s Girls on the Run, a physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd through 8th grade.

The program teaches life skills through interactive lessons and running games with girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event at the end. This season, the event is YWCA York’s Race Against Racism on Saturday, April 25th.

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Complete Arm Workout Routine with Heidi Parr

Sure it’s freezing now. But in a few short months you’ll be sporting short sleeves and tank tops on a regular basis. If you want to tone your arms and build muscle for the season, now is the time to start working. Personal trainer Heidi Parr has got you covered on how to get the job done using little equipment and without having to leave your warm house.

Each of these videos can be done separately for a shorter workout. But if you’ve got time, do all three of these arm workouts in succession for a full arm workout routine.

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Starting the year off right

By Amanda Nossel, CRNP

As the real winter moves in and it gets dark early, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get out and exercise. But even during this time of year, physical activity remains key to good health. So bundle up and get outside to enjoy a range of outdoor activity.

Sledding is a great, fun way to get your heart beating, by running up the hill and sliding down. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sled: a trash can lid or cardboard box can serve as a fine substitute! Try ice skating, a great workout for your legs and heart that strengthens your core muscles as well. With the appropriate layers, a run, jog or brisk walk outside are also terrific forms of exercise at this time of year. Continue reading “Starting the year off right” »

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Need motivation? Sign up for one of these races

It’s cold, it’s early, it’s still dark, and your cat (spouse, dog, fish, whatever) just snuggled in closer, begging you not to leave the bed. So why do it?

The newness of 2015 is fading, and with it so are resolutions hastily made while chugging that last flute of champagne. I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do believe in the importance of goals.

Signing up for a race keeps me motivated and gives me direction in my workouts

Signing up for a race keeps me motivated and gives me direction in my workouts

Making a race your goal gives you a concrete thing you are working for. Whether it’s a new distance, faster time, or more enjoyable experience you’re working towards, having a race in your sights can give you a sense of direction and purpose.

For me, knowing that I have a goal I’m working towards means there is never a question of whether I want to go for a run any given day. It’s how far, how fast, how hard do I need to go for this workout. (How many layers do I need to wear, how long will it take for my butt to thaw out afterwards, etc.)

So here are some local races to aid you in your quest for the answer, why on earth should I leave my bed to run? Continue reading “Need motivation? Sign up for one of these races” »

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Meet the new health reporter

headshotHi, I’m Caitlin Kerfin, the new health/religion reporter here at the York Daily Record. I just wanted to drop a quick line introducing myself and inviting you all to connect with me via email,, phone, 717-771-2088, or Twitter, @ckerfin.

I come to York from a land far, far away called Columbia, Missouri where I graduated from the University of Missouri in journalism and religious studies. Before that, I grew up in a southwest suburb of Chicago where I ate deep dish pizza, rooted for the incredible, awe-inspiring Cubs and acquired the very distinct accent that will likely be stuck forever.

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Healthy choices in new York Newspaper Co. vending machines

Aaron Kikola

Aaron Kikola of B More Healthy Vending stocks new vending machines in the break room at the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

In an effort to practice what we preach here at No Sweat York, the York Newspaper Co. has installed new vending machines in its break room, offering healthier choices for those late-afternoon munchies.

Aaron Kikola of B More Healthy Vending said the machines will feature more whole grain snacks such as granola bars.

Here are excerpts from an email Publisher Sara Glines recently sent to staffers:

Happy 2015 everyone!
If your new year resolution is to eat healthy, we’re here to help. Our Healthy Vending machines will be installed on Thursday! No more Mountain Dew, No more Snickers bars. But there will be plenty of tasty treats.
And an added bonus, the new machines will accept credit cards, so you can snack without borrowing cash from your colleagues.
Have a happy and healthy new year!

Does your office offer healthy choices in vending machines? Share your story with us.

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Fit in 15 – Band Workout

Robert Williams with the York JCC demonstrates a mobile workout routine using an exercise band.

Williams says this workout is great for fitting in between commitments. Find Williams and other staff members on the York JCC facebook page.

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Ode to a Snow Shoveler

Dear Sir or Madam who shoveled three blocks of South George Street Tuesday morning,
You are awesome. Thank you. You’re only required to shovel the sidewalk in front of your own house. Instead, you ran your shovel down several city blocks, making a path for pedestrians. There wasn’t a lot of snow, maybe an inch. But that inch of snow is like running in sand. After a few miles, my legs and butt were begging for reprieve.

When you shoveled that stretch of sidewalk, you didn’t know I did a “leg blaster workout” yesterday. You also didn’t know that before the leg blasting, I did hill sprints. How could you? Continue reading “Ode to a Snow Shoveler” »

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20-minute No Equipment Workout

Personal trainer Heidi Parr demonstrates a 20-minute workout that requires no equipment. Perfect for when you are traveling or don’t want to drag your butt to the gym.

This video runs for 20 minutes. Once the exercises start the only audio will be a beep every minute when you should change exercises. Put on your favorite motivational music and follow along with Heidi.

20 Minute Total Body Workout – No Equipment Needed!
· Perform the following 20 exercises for one minute each (to total 20 minutes).
· Move quickly from one exercise to the next resting for only short periods of time when needed.
· Increase the intensity of the workout by increasing the speed of each movement or adding hopping and jumping. Continue reading “20-minute No Equipment Workout” »

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Plan your spring marathon

Celebrate the new year, then start training!  DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN

Celebrate the new year, then start training! DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS – KATE PENN

Whew. The holidays are finally drawing to a close. While I love all the sparkles and festivities that November and December bring, I’m pretty sure my balanced diet of eggnog and cookies was not sustainable. (Can you sweat eggnog? I may have been reaching that point).

There’s something refreshing about January, a month when basically nothing happens. It’s a good time to get things in order, and that includes spring marathon training.

If you’re running a spring marathon for the first time, following through on a New Years resolution, or maybe just lost a bet, you might have thought you had time to ease into it. When there are flurries in the forecast, spring seems ages away. But here’s the harsh reality. If you want to run a marathon in May, your training starts now. As in today. Most marathon training plans are 18 weeks. 18 weeks from now is the first week in May. Bananas right?? Continue reading “Plan your spring marathon” »

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