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If you find me upside down, please don’t take a photo

I am primarily a road biker.  I know some people think riding on the road is dangerous, but I feel very comfortable on the road; it’s paved and you just have to bike in a straight line and hope you … Continue reading

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You go girl . . .

Last summer I attacked my fear of hills with a vengeance and biked up Copenhaffer Road. Both sides. Without walking my bike. But hills still scare me a little bit – I think they always will.

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Is it Spring yet?

Every year it is a struggle to get through the winter. From December to March I find myself wishing my life away, saying I can’t wait until it is warm out so I can go biking. I really need to find a winter sport other than surfing Pinterest and complaining on Facebook about how much I hate the gym and pretty much everyone who goes there. And I really do hate the gym. Getting out of bed when it is pitch black out and -2 degrees, when there is a warm body next to you refusing to get up with you, is a harder than refusing birthday cake on your birthday.

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Hey Copenhaffer Road – you ain’t so bad! (OK well maybe you are a little bit)

You may remember that back in December, 2012, I made a pledge that I was going to attempt to bike up Copenhaffer Road in York, PA. I don’t really know why I made this pledge, but I think it is because Copenhaffer is notorious around here within the cycling community so I thought I should at least try it.

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A brave rescue from a bear attack . . .

Matt, being the brave guy that he is, threw himself – and his awesome bike – between me and the bear – which scared the bear so much he turned in terror and ran away. Unfortunately in the process, Matt’s entire derailleur came off his bike and we had to hoof it back to the car.

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Hon, I know you are watching the Steelers, but please come pick me up . . .

Most bike shops in the area offer workshops that teach important mechanical skills, including how to change your tube. Unless your rides are going to consist of biking around your block 100 times, you should learn how to change your tube – and I highly recommend Kevlar tires. Give your shop a call and get the skills you need to be able to ride as far as you want to go without worrying how low you rank in priority compared to a football game.

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Gung Ho Bikes Pint Night

What’s a pint night?

Gung Ho Bikes Pint Night! What’s a pint night? It’s when a bunch of cyclists bike from Gung Ho’s shop on the Susquehanna Trail into York City to hang out at Mudhook Brewery for a few hours to eat dinner and drink responsibly – since they have to bike back to Gung Ho.

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What my husband, the weather guy, taught me about how not to bike in the rain

It is important to pay attention to the weather before you go biking, so you don’t get stuck on your bike in the pouring rain without a jacket, where your feet and socks get completely soaked and rain water is bouncing off your helmet and covering your glasses, and you are freaking out that your iPhone is getting wet, as you try not to fall, only to come home to your husband and have him say: Uh, didn’t you check the weather?

Not that that has ever happened to me.

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How to call off work so you can bike more . . .

In the interest of the public good and bike shops everywhere, I have complied a list of excuses you can use to get out of work, so you can put a few more miles in. These excuses come with no warranties or guarantees and you are using them at your own risk. Remember, the best way to get through any lie to say it with a straight face, which is easy to fake if you are on the phone and no one can actually see your face.

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How not to hate cycling before you even start . . .

Usually when I am changing the tube on my road bike, I fight to get the tire off, and after about 10 minutes of me cursing, I get it off, I put the new tube in, I then fight with the tire to get it back on. At this point, I am not only cursing but I am often crying too. I get the tire back on, and then I pump up the tube, only to have that tube get pinched between the tire and the rim, so it pops and I have to start all over, and then the C02 cartridge freezes and burns my fingers and I lose the cap to my valve and then it starts to rain. Biking is fun.

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