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Free fitness classes continue in July

York County, you’re doing great. We have had about 100 people consistently come to workout with us, getting down and dirty and burning tons of calories.

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Deskercise: That sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Sometimes after a long day at work the last thing I want to do is go to the gym and workout. Seriously, there are so many things that go along with working out. First, you have to change out of … Continue reading

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A girl and her water bottle – A love story

I recently went into Target to pick up a new planner, a notebook, and a pair of flats to prepare for my new internship. If you’re anything like me, you never actually get what you need from Target and you … Continue reading

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Fitness instructor class focuses on older adults

On Sunday, May 17, Senior Fitness, Inc. will be at Strictly Fitness in East York for a class on how to teach older adults hot to avoid falls, increase their confidence and maintain their independence.

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Place of placidity: Seeking inspiration and balance through yoga

I was never a fan of high school gym class. Sports left me humiliated in a puddle of my own inadequacy. In trying to keep pace with my classmates, I was often left breathless. So you can imagine my hesitancies when I enrolled in a requisite yoga class in college. Standing in the gymnasium with my black, roll-up mat, I never imagined that this form of exercise would have such an enduring impact on my life.

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No Sweat York turns up the heat for its free June fitness classes

There has been great feedback about the May No Sweat in the Park schedule and we hope you will make it out for our classes in June that will turn up the heat.

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Benefits of gardening

You might ask, what is the point of gardening if I can go to the grocery store or local market to buy my fruits and vegetables? Good question, but gardening has more benefits than just having a tomato you planted in your salad.

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YWCA- York and NETA to host two exercise workshps

YWCA and National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA), a non-profit fitness professional association, are co-sponsoring two nationally-recognized workshops.

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No Sweat in the Park 2015 season schedule

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Take part in free fitness classes through No Sweat York

You know warmer weather is on the way when you get the No Sweat in the Park schedule. So here it is, a promise that summer is not too far ahead.

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