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Bike Tune-Up

Temperatures are rising, buds are poking, and riders are pulling their bikes out for their first ride of the season. In the spirit of all things Spring, we’re pulling these how-to videos from our archives to help you have a … Continue reading

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If you find me upside down, please don’t take a photo

I am primarily a road biker.  I know some people think riding on the road is dangerous, but I feel very comfortable on the road; it’s paved and you just have to bike in a straight line and hope you … Continue reading

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Get your bike ready for spring

Jay Zech with Gung Ho Bikes shows a few basic things you can check on your bike to make sure you’re ready to ride. For a bike that’s been sitting for a winter (or a few winters), this video can … Continue reading

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Put safety first when riding bikes with family this spring

A safety tip as simple as wearing a helmet can prevent injuries — sometimes fatal — as bikers take to the trails and streets this summer.

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Hon, I know you are watching the Steelers, but please come pick me up . . .

Most bike shops in the area offer workshops that teach important mechanical skills, including how to change your tube. Unless your rides are going to consist of biking around your block 100 times, you should learn how to change your tube – and I highly recommend Kevlar tires. Give your shop a call and get the skills you need to be able to ride as far as you want to go without worrying how low you rank in priority compared to a football game.

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Gung Ho Bikes Pint Night

What’s a pint night?

Gung Ho Bikes Pint Night! What’s a pint night? It’s when a bunch of cyclists bike from Gung Ho’s shop on the Susquehanna Trail into York City to hang out at Mudhook Brewery for a few hours to eat dinner and drink responsibly – since they have to bike back to Gung Ho.

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Five healthy outdoor activities to keep you fit in spring

Head outdoors for workouts and activities as spring approaches.

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First ride of 2013 in Dover, PA

I probably shouldn’t tell anyone this, but the best place to ride in York County is out in Dover, west of 74. Once you ride out there, you will wonder why you rode anywhere else.

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Seriously, who forgets to eat?

It is tempting to hate people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. Clearly they have the metabolisms of hampsters, and they have to eat constantly or they will fall over and die

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Come ride with me – it’s fun!

Every biking season Gung Ho Bikes sponsors several organized bike rides. This year I will be leading a no drop, social ride that is co-ed on Monday nights at 6 pm.

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