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Hot yoga. It’s a powerful thing

Mark and I went to a hot yoga class last night, at a yoga studio here in York. Our friend Craig invited us. I mean, I thought he was our friend. Now I am not so sure. He failed to mention that this was a hot yoga class. I have taken a few beginner yoga classes at Lotus Moon in York city. Those classes were easy going, the room was the perfect temperature, there was happy morning sunlight streaming through the windows, and they played spa music, burned incense, and talked in a soothing voice about thanking yourself for all the beautiful things you do and how cool you are that you came to yoga.

Hot yoga is nothing like that at all and Craig failed to mentally prepare me for what was about to happen. Pretty sure I will never forgive him for that. Ever.

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I decided yoga is kind of a hipster retro thing, and since I was going to the yoga studio in the city it was even more hipster, and since I decided I was going to bike there, that made it way more hipster, so much so that I should get some kind of hipster award – like an antique typewriter I can bring with me to Starbucks instead of my laptop.

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