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Running tips for long distances

Running can be a difficult thing for anyone. There are people who love it, people who don’t love it, and then people who like it because it’s a good workout but actually hate it.

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So you wanna run after you bike? Good luck with that

At 7 am morning, Mark ran five miles in the Shoehouse race. I slept. He came in 7th, with a time of 34 minutes, five seconds. Which is so much faster than I can do almost anything. He was not happy with that time because a woman beat him. I didn’t feel sorry for him.

After the race, we both biked 19 miles on our road bikes. I have been trying to increase my speed on my regular route, and since the start of the season I have gone from an average of 14.5 miles per hour to 16 miles per hour. I have done this by pedaling as fast as I can, until I feel like I might puke, and then pedaling even faster. I also think the fact that I have started running has helped.

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My marathon story

My name is Bill Brent. I live in Dover, Pennsylvania and I’m a runner. I am often asked one of two questions. 1) When did you start running? 2) Why do you run so much?

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Obsessed with obstacles!

Obstacle races are running events in which participants climb over, tunnel under, slither through and ultimately conquer physical challenges strategically placed along the race route.  Events vary in race route distance, obstacle difficulty and degrees of messiness! The events are … Continue reading

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Running: It’s free, full of freedom and flush with flora

Here are some of the great spots for runs around York County.Here are some of the great spots for runs around York County.

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No Sweat team participates in the Race Against Racism

Saturday was chilly but that didn’t stop the No Sweat team from participating in the Race Against Racism at the YWCA on Market Street and having a blast doing it.

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Hope for Today 5k: Addiction Awareness and Recovery

To me, people who got into drugs and ruined their lives were people who were raised by parents who didn’t care or were nonexistent. They were people who likely had no morals or standards by which to live. I was always taught to “just say no” and I couldn’t understand how hard of a concept that was for others to grasp. Four years ago, I got into a relationship with an addict.

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Girls on the Run diary #9

Our guest contributor for the next couple of months from Girls on the Run, Lora Nowak, is a 6th grader at Dallastown Intermediate School. She is working toward her goals and will be participating in the Race against Racism 5k in April.

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Silence isn’t golden: A No Sweat playlist for your lifting needs

For me, finding new music is always a challenge, so I’m sharing some of my workout playlists with you in hopes you’ll suggest different music for me!

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The special torture of sports bras

In the past few months I’ve had to buy a bunch of new sports bras. Ladies, I know you feel me when I say trying to find a bra that fits is like finding a needle in a haystack of … Continue reading

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