Ask Joan: New questions and short follow-ups edition

As you’re reading this post (which I wrote in advance), I’m somewhere in the Midwest, driving with my boyfriend and 15-year-old daughter toward Phoenix, Arizona, as part of a two-week vacation. I miss York, but I bet I’m having fun!

What’s inside
1. Info sought on Stewartstown Hotel
2. Remembering marshmallow peeps and bunnies
3. Camp Betty Washington Road’s name
4. Something close to a Cho-Cho
5. Budd Company in Red Lion
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Even more memories of York Haven

Ah, York Haven, an area we’ve talked about in some past posts. Today, I have more memories to share of this town, received by mail and email since we last talked about it in May.

In case you missed them…

May 5, 2015: Memories from the York Haven area
Feb. 5, 2015: Ask Joan: Memories from York Haven
Jan. 22, 2015: Tom Thumb weddings in York Haven and York County
Oct. 23, 2012: Ask Joan: York Haven, Star Spangled town

And now, for some new thoughts on this area!

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Ask Joan: Quick and voluminous answers edition

Last week, I posed a question that I thought we might be able to get a quick answer to. It was quick – and also voluminous. Something like 30 people contacted me so far about the name of a former bar in Shiloh (and we’ll get to which one in today’s post!)

I admit: I’m not sure what this level of response says about us as a drinking population in York County.

I did also get several quick answers to another question from last week, which I’ll also share today.

What’s inside
1. Seeking name of downtown restaurant
2. So why is it Butter Road?
3. … and that aforementioned Shiloh Bar

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Ask Joan: Summer’s almost over edition

Summer, while not “officially” over until later this month, seems to be on its way out. It’s cooler and damper in the mornings, fall decorations abound, and I can buy Spiced Wafers at the grocery store, which I basically anticipate for something like 9 months of the year.

So, happy almost-Fall!

What’s inside
1. What was bar in Shiloh?
2. Where’s the “Butter” in Dover?
3. Fourth-grade class reunion set
4. Where’s the beef (or hamburg)?
5. Do you remember wrestling events?

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Memories and photos from Green’s Dairy


Reader Gary E. Heiland, often a source of great local photos from the past, shared the image above with me some time ago; it’s of the Green’s Dairy delivery staff, taken in 1954. The photo was taken by J. David Allen, Commercial Photographer, 1114 Prospect St., York. Pictured are, front row, Ira Smith, Elmer Hartman, John M. Heiland, Mary Taylor, Howard Albright, Jacob Folkenroth, Robert Welcomer and Clarence Green, who was the founder of the dairy. In the second row are Arthur Weigle, Kenneth Marsteller, Albert Benedict, Charles Aldinger, Arthur “Zeno” Lentz, Charles King and Walter Howe, who was the founder of Howe’s Dairy, which had recently merged with Green’s Dairy at the time of the photo.

Gary also shared several other interesting pictures from Green’s; I hope you’ll check them out!

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Some memories of York County bakeries of the past

I’m writing this post while I’m hungry, so when I was trying to narrow down what topic to share memories of next, FOOD won out.

Today, I have some reader memories about former York County bakeries to share! I hope you’ll read on to hear more about the Patty Cake, De Luxe Pastry Shop and more!

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Memories from the mailbag: Washington House, Christmas in York, W.T. Grant, butchers and more

Today, I have a selection of miscellaneous memories to share from letters I’ve received. No theme, no huge unanswered questions, some some fun recollections of life in the past in York, PA.

Don’t forget that you can always share your memories on these or ANY York topic you recall by emailing me at I can’t always reply individually but I do try to share as many letters as possible!

Wonder what’s in store today?

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Ask Joan: The mulching routine edition


I love that I have written Ask Joan for many years. It’s fun to look back at what changes and stays the same over time. Like, you know, how every two years, I complain about how much mulching I have to do at my house?

You can consider this the 2015 installment, as boyfriend Dan and I spent all of last weekend weeding and laying 21+ bags of mulch, all while I was generally listing in my head the virtues of renting over home ownership. A 2013 Ask Joan as well as a 2011 one mention the same plight.

But it looks SO NICE when it’s finished!

What’s inside
1. Some details on Jerusalem school
2. Recalling trips to Rocky Springs
3. Details found on gas explosion
4. … and seeking info on UFO sighting

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Memories of York’s Curbside Market

Some time ago, I received a letter in the mail from Eugene “Gene” Gemmill, who was responding to some earlier notes about York County’s farmers’ markets past and present. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out…

Previous posts
March 1, 2008: Fun in Thomasville
Jan. 2, 2009: Market day
June 15, 2010: Candy-store memories
Jan. 3, 2012: More on the former City Market, and on York’s other farmers’ markets and their history
June 13, 2013: More memories of York County’s farmers’ markets

And once you’ve whetted your appetite, here’s what Gene recalls about a different market!

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Ask Joan: Sewing factory, shoe store and gas station recalled

This week, I’m digging into my email with some unanswered questions. Hopefully we can shed light on a few of these topics!

What’s inside
1. Photo brings memories of Bernstein & Sons
2. Seeking Delco Plaza shoe store
3. W.C. Lauer gas station info sought
4. Do you remember H.S. Schmidt in York?

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