Ask Joan: Following up on Camp Ganoga, Dover and more

One of my biggest endeavors over the last couple of years has been returning to school for a master’s degree. It’s been a lot of fun, and the end is now in sight (just a couple more classes!), but… it definitely eats into my weekends.

Weekends, not coincidentally, are also when I write this column. So when I really want to procrastinate, I get lost in my Ask Joan mail for a couple of hours instead of doing homework.

And there’s SO MUCH cool Ask Joan mail! I may never get to share it all, but I’ll keep chipping away as long as I can.

What’s inside
1. Following up on Camp Ganoga
2. Memories of Dover from a yearbook
3. You Know You’re a Yorker If

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More memories of past schools

Carole Haller of Spring Garden Township shared this photo of the front of the former Mount Rose Elementary School. She said she took photos when her daughter, Susan, began her school days there. “Mount Rose Elementary School consisted of two buildings,” she wrote. “The lower grades were housed in the older building facing Mount Rose Avenue and the upper grades, through sixth grade, were in the former high school building that faced Ogontz Street and was located across a playground, in back of the older building. When the older building was demolished in the summer of 1978, all of the students were combined in the remaining building on Ogontz Street. After the 1982 school year, Mount Rose School was closed and students transferred to other schools in the York Suburban School District. The remaining building, still standing, was bought and is being used by a church.”

One of the things I enjoyed most during my time with the York Daily Record was being part of the publication of a book documenting some of the many one-room schools of York County. It was an amazing project that I worked on with longtime correspondent and friend Barb Krebs and YDR editor Jim McClure. As part of a project I’m working on, I was browsing through our photo archive a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed turning up many old school pictures.

That made me think it was probably time for a column sharing more memories of York County’s former schools! If you’d like to read much, much more on the topic of one-room schools in particular, I highly suggest Stephen H. Smith’s YorksPast blog, starting at

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The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking: A dive into a cookbook

Switching gears from local memories today, I’d like to enjoy something more… edible.

That’s right, it’s Pennsylvania Dutch recipe day! These recipes come from a cookbook shared with me by friend and longtime York County 4-H educator (now retired) MaryJo Kraft.

MaryJo is an amazing cook, so when she shared these with me (QUITE a while ago), I knew I’d have to find time to post them. I hope you enjoy!

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Things that make us think of summer

Jill Schaffner shared this image of the former Meadowbrook Swim Club in Saginaw, run by her father and grandfather from 1952 to 1981.

Today’s column is focused on all the good things about the summer ahead. You know, like ice cream? And swimming?

I hope that, no matter what your plans for this summer, you’ll take some time to enjoy the things York County has to offer. Traveling is great, but there’s a lot to see and do here as well.

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Following up on an East Market Street grocery store

Just a few weeks ago, I shared a question from reader Karen about the name of a grocery store on East Market Street, in the strip mall that also had a Grant’s store and later held Danskin.

I have received many comments on that, and I’d like to share those today.

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