Ask Joan: School memories edition


Don Seidel acquired this photo along with some old artwork at an antique store, but does not know where or when it was taken. He wrote to Ask Joan looking for resources to help him identify it… any ideas, Yorker friends? It may not be local, but it might be!

I’m sharing several “Do you remember”-style questions today from my inbox, all of which deal with readers’ memories from their school days.

What’s inside
1. Pine Street School building history
2. York Township Elementary’s Mr. Smith?
3. Central Elementary students to reunite
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A smorgasbord of food memories

Today’s post is just a quick dive into my inbox to share some miscellaneous memories of yummy foods and restaurants of the past. Where I can, I’ve linked to previous times we’ve talked about these particular eateries, so dig in!


April 17, 2013: An Ask Joan question from Jackie Sprout seeks Moser’s memories
Feb. 28, 2012: eBay becomes a source for memories of Moser’s, other local businesses

Meg Zarfos wrote, “Moser’s served great food back in the ’60s. Every Thursday we would travel there to order giant shrimp cocktails and T-bone steaks that really hit the spot.”

Karen Boyle said, “I remember eating at Moser’s Restaurant in West York all the time in the late ’50s through the late ’60s. My grandmother lived in the 1200 block of West King Street and we would go to Moser’s when visiting with her. One of the first discount stores in York (Franklin Discount) was next door for a period of time. Moser’s always did a terrific business. There was a nice dining room and they served very good food. The waitresses were all there a very long time – very outgoing, friendly. Mr. Moser usually was seen in the restaurant. There were unique pictures all through the dining room that were lit from behind. There was a banquet room in the back with a sign that the West York Rotary Club met there. Next door was an area with a counter and stools that was more casual. They served food from the same menu – always had delicious deserts, especially great pies. I particularly remember an attractive waitress – I think her name was Betty – she was always so friendly with the customers (most were “regulars”) – seemed like more fun to sit on that side of the restaurant, especially when Betty was working!”

And regarding the dates Moser’s was in business, my friend Ann at the Martin Library research desk shared that there were iterations of a restaurant mentioned in the Polk city directories as early as, possibly, 1933 at 1210 W. King St., with a more official restaurant listing under that name at 1251 W. King St. showing up in 1943, and then various addresses between 1251 and 1257 W. King St. continuing to appear through 1998!

Dixie Cream

April 5, 2013: Reader Linda E. Roelke seeks the name of a doughnut shop on West Market Street
Feb. 25, 2013: Reader Steve Eaton shares doughnut memories, among others, in an Ask Joan reply

James Herman noted that a doughnut shop we’d mentioned previously as being on West Market Street was Dixie Cream, owned by Jack Lutz. “I worked for Wolcott catering and we bought all our donuts here,” he wrote.

And Bev Hildebrand said, “It was Dixie Cream (or Creme) Donuts and was one building east of the current Junior League. Whenever we shopped downtown, my dad would take all four of us to Dixie Cream. First we would watch the donut man work his magic. He would roll out a huge slab of dough. Then came the fun. In one motion, he used the cutter with his right hand, collecting the dough rings on his left thumb. When his thumb was full, he would transfer the rings gently but quickly into the hot oil. Then he repeated the work. There are no adequate words to fully express the speed of this process. I doubt any machine could have worked with greater speed. And oh those warm donuts! Dad always said they were the best donuts in York County. I only know they were delicious. Those warm treats accompanied with the free ‘show’, were one of the highlights of childhood.”

Pizza Villa

March 1, 2013: Tom Gracey remembers a neighborhood pizza shop in an Ask Joan column

I heard about this from Deborah (Barnhart) Nelson who wrote after reading this previous column with a question from Tom Gracey, “My mom was the owner of the pizza shop that was mentioned and her mom also worked there. It was the Pizza Villa on Parkway Blvd. My sister, Doris, worked there before our mom bought the business, owned by ‘Jeep’ Myers. At that time, pizza was sold only by the whole pie – I think he was the first to sell by the slice in York and he was also the inventor of the ‘Flying Saucer’ sandwich. It was a kind of take off on the submarine (long roll) and the flying saucer was served on a round roll. People still talk about that sandwich to this day! The pizza was made on a huge tray that yielded 24 slices of pizza. There was one piece of pepperoni in the center of each slice used as a garnish. (Mom did away with this some time later). One more thing before I end this story – I met my great husband, Terry Nelson, of 45 years there, and after we got married, we bought his parents’ house which was next door to Tom Gracey. So Tom, thanks for taking us down memory lane!”

Thanks to everyone who shared memories here for taking me down memory lane… a yummy one!

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Ask Joan: New round of questions edition

In many of my recent Ask Joan columns in the print edition of the York Sunday News, I’ve been following up with answers to past questions. But today, I want to put a few of the dozens of not-yet-asked questions I’ve received out there. Maybe you can help get one of your fellow readers an answer!

What’s inside
1. Hershey Baking Co., five-and-dime
2. Lion as pet in York
3. Jay’s lemon sponge pie recipe
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Remembering the old hotels of York

Bob and Priscilla Steindl of Pompano Beach, Fla., shared this image of the former Hotel Penn in York copied from a postcard.

Bob and Priscilla Steindl of Pompano Beach, Fla., shared this image of the former Hotel Penn in York copied from a postcard.

We’ve talked a few times here and there about hotels (and, in many cases, accompanying taverns) that used to be in York County, and my friend Buffy’s post about and photo of the former Hotel Dover (which I hope you’ll check out here) made me think it might be time to revisit this topic, on which I’ve received many comments!

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More memories of York County service stations

The late Jim Goodling, formerly of Dover Twp., took this photo of the former gas station at North Hills Road and Route 30.

The late Jim Goodling, formerly of Dover Twp., took this photo of the former gas station at North Hills Road and Route 30.

I just got my car back from the shop today with a RECORD LOW bill – $26! (It still needs more work, but hey, I’ll take it – thanks to my buddy Steve at TeamOne Auto Group for taking good care of my piece of junk!)

In honor of my car fortune, today I’d like to continue to share memories of local service stations, always a big topic for remembrances!

Previous posts
June 12, 2011: Mail call: Service station memories
June 1, 2012: Mail call: Memories of Stony Brook Garage

I’m more than overdue to share more notes received since I wrote the more recent of those posts a year and a half ago! (And I’ve got some photos from our archives that I hope will spark some more memories, too!)

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Even more memories of Peoples Drug

This photo, originally seen on June Lloyd’s Universal York blog, shows the Peoples Drug in York in September 1955, with its windows taped as protection against a coming storm.

Today I’d like to share some memories of a former downtown store that MANY Yorkers seem to recall fondly – Peoples Drug!

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July 15, 2011: Mail call: Memories of Peoples Drug
Jan. 27, 2012: A couple of quick memories about Peoples Drug
March 1, 2013: Ask Joan: Seeking recipe for Peoples Drug sandwich
April 15, 2013: Yet more memories of downtown York from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s

Since I shared those posts, I’ve received dozens more memories, and would like to share a few here today!

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More memories of downtown York cafeterias

Fellow Yorkblogger June Lloyd shared this Golden Glow Cafeteria advertisement – as well as many memories of that eatery – in a 2012 post on her Universal York blog. Click the photo to read more about the Golden Glow!

It’s AWFULLY cold. I’m done with winter. So what better thing to blog about than… comfort food! Today I’m going to share some feedback and memories I’ve received about several former cafeteria-type restaurants in downtown York. I hope you’ll tuck into something warm and enjoy!

Previous posts
Dec. 20, 2010: More memories of stores in downtown York
Feb. 12, 2013: Ask Joan: What and where was cafeteria?

Now, here are some more memories about some of these great eateries!

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Don’t miss Pennsylvania German gathering March 22 in Lebanon

Just a quick update today with an event readers of this blog might want to put on their calendars: A Pennsylvania German Zammelaaf, or gathering, taking place 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 22 at New Covenant Christian School, 452 Ebenezer Route (Route 72), Lebanon.

The free event includes a Pennsylvania German (or Pa. Dutch, if you prefer) singalong at 9:30 a.m., a program on the Pennsylvania German and Yiddish languages at 10:45 a.m.; entertainment in the dialect at noon; an acution at 1 p.m.; and several other presentations, games, food and crafts.

I am hoping very much to make this event, which sounds awesome! You can find out more at the PaGermanZammelaaf Facebook page.

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Seeking memories of Spurg’s Restaurant


We received this photo here at the York Daily Record this week, and while I haven’t been posting regularly recently, I had to take just a minute to share it!

It was submitted by Lee Thomson, who wrote, “Remember Spurg’s Restaurant in Spry? Syd Grim is having her 80th birthday on February 14th. If you have a funny story, memory, or picture from Spurg’s, please send it to Syd at 193 Dew Drop Rd, York PA 17402.”

I would LOVE to floor Syd with birthday memories of Spurg’s! It tentatively looks like I’ll be blogging here regularly again soon, and what a great way to kick that off than to help make a birthday fun!

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Ask Joan: Butcher bologna edition

The end of July is here – WOW! Today, I’m rounding up some Ask Joan questions on topics from parks to bologna to restaurants!

What’s inside
1. Where was former Highland Park?
2. Having Twin Pines bologna shipped
3. Seeking info about Naples Cafe
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