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Yes, we’re thrifty

Thrifty. Or frugal. Or just plain cheap. That’s one thing I love and am proud to say about myself and my fellow York Countians. You know, the iPhone launched today. We did a very unscientific poll on The results … Continue reading

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When Rutter’s was a restaurant

Does anyone remember when the Rutter’s on Lightner Road in Manchester Township was a Rutter’s Family Restaurant and not the convenience store? Our family used to eat there a lot of Sundays after church. I remember it being a real … Continue reading

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It’s all

I got a lot of responses on my “awhile” post, with enough other Yorkisms suggested to keep me posting for a long time. Thanks to everyone who wrote and posted comments! One that drew a few comments was It’s all. … Continue reading

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A cold in your eye?

I’ve had this weird thing going on in my left eye for about a week now. It’s not pinkeye or a sty (the doctor says), so my mother has decided I have “a cold in my eye.” Our vet uses … Continue reading

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An apology

So, we were listening to the police scanner in the newsroom tonight and someone called because kids were ringing the doorbell and running away, repeatedly… Where I grew up in northern York County, the houses weren’t close enough together to … Continue reading

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