When Rutter’s was a restaurant

Does anyone remember when the Rutter’s on Lightner Road in Manchester Township was a Rutter’s Family Restaurant and not the convenience store?

Our family used to eat there a lot of Sundays after church. I remember it being a real cozy place with great food.

I know they briefly had a restaurant out by the Galleria, too, but I think the Lightner Road one was the longer-lasting and, I think, the original.

Know any other York County “used-to-bes”? Post comments!

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3 Responses to When Rutter’s was a restaurant

  1. Mark Grubic says:

    Ok, I might be going back in time on your blog a bit but this one caught my eye and attention. I used to work at that Rutter’s on Lightner Road from ’86-’88 as a busboy then cook. It was Restaurant #1 (of 4) Rutters had. One was in Red Lion and unfortunately I have forgotten where the other 2 were. I know the bought out Avalon Chicken (now I am really dating myself) and put up #4 there at the corner of Mt. Zion Rd and ??? near the Galleria. I also used to play football for EYC Blackhawks, right near there at the park behind YBI (or whatever that building is now). So, yes Rutter’s had restaurants, good eats, great people to work with and lots of good times to be cherished forever!

  2. Chrissie Hilliard says:

    I worked as a hostess at the Rutters Restaurant by the Galleria in the summers of 1990 and 1991, I think. The girls had to wear this milkmaid uniform, which looked like a dress straight out of Little House on the Prairie. The most conservative restaurant attire I have ever seen! It was a cozy place and the ice cream sundaes served with a few pretzel sticks were the best. I was sorry to see all of the Rutters restaurants close.

  3. Peggy Lambert says:

    I used to work at Rutters in Red Lion during the summer back around approximately 1980. It was a busy place, with a great manager and fun employees. The ice cream was wonderful.

    It was the place to go after church on a Sunday — always packed at that time. Actually, I don’t remember it ever being quiet there.

    When I went off to college I asked the manager if I could have a couple of the red plastic milk crates to use in my dorm room. The manager hinted that it would be OK, but that he would know nothing about the matter! I think I had those crates up until about 5 years ago. I moved to Germany and then Australia with them as part of my precious cargo.

    When I got married, I had my wedding reception in the events room of the Rutters in York near the Galleria. That was the last time I saw Rutters because I moved overseas a week later.

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