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Since I brought it up…

What about butter bread? And dippy eggs? And sock feet? These Yorkisms seem to stem from yet another chance to drop a word or a syllable. Not “feet with socks” or “bread with butter” for us. No, why not just … Continue reading

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North Mall

Any memories of what used to be the North Mall (where The Crossroads or Manchester Crossroads is now) in Manchester Township, on Route 30? Although it was still primarily a strip mall, there used to be an indoor part where … Continue reading

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Is stubbornness a Yorkism?

So last week, for the Fourth of July, you might remember it poured, at least in many parts of the county. Despite this, I stood in my driveway (about a mile from the Expo Center, uphill from it) and watched … Continue reading

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Buying the Best

Does anyone remember the “Best” department store that used to be where AAA is now on Eastern Boulevard? One of my favorite memories growing up was when my dad would take me shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts for my … Continue reading

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Mmm, hogmaw!

So one of the things I promised when I started this blog was a post on the proper way to make hogmaw. But first, you have to put up with a little reminiscing about how I came to learn about … Continue reading

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