North Mall

Any memories of what used to be the North Mall (where The Crossroads or Manchester Crossroads is now) in Manchester Township, on Route 30?

Although it was still primarily a strip mall, there used to be an indoor part where you went from one level to the other, and in there was the first Orange Julius stand I ever experienced.

Regular readers of this blog will soon learn that I could basically live on hot dogs. And the OJ hot dogs were amazing. (I could pretty much care less about 80 varieties of smoothies, sorry.)

Though it’s not mentioned on the Dead Malls page, it definitely should be (and you should check out the other York County malls in that feature, some of which I’ll write about in the future!)

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  1. John Loeper says:

    The north malls biggest store was J M Fields. Shopped there many times. also, anybody remember the “Two Guys ” store down the road a bit?

  2. Susan Forrey says:

    North Mall stores I can remember – There was a Mariannes (womans dress shop); Bon Ton was on the one end as an anchor and JM Fields was the other anchor.Mailmans went into the Bon Ton spot when Bon Ton left. There was a Thrift Drug Store, a tobacco shop, The Fashion Bug (girls clothing store), a 5 & 10 store maybe GC Murphy; Orange Julius, a mattress/bedding shop at the JM Fields end;a Thom McCann (spelled wrong) shoe store, a Radio Shack store. Thats about all I can remember. My husband gave me another restaurant that is closed – Legores on West Market Street. Then a Robert Hall clothing store.

  3. Jason Ilyes says:

    I was the one who posted the comments on the York Mall in “” I may try to post a link about the North Mall, also Kiddie Town toy store used to be there too. I remember as a little kid shopping with my mom at JM Fields and there was also a Pantry Pride grocery store that was somehow attached to JM fields where you can go from the Fields store to Pantry Pride without going outside.
    Jason Ilyes
    Lebanon, TN
    Originally from Leaders Hieghts, York Township

  4. Scott C. says:

    I can remember going to the North Mall with my mom one time when I was little. We went to the S&H Green Stamp store (we would get Green Stamps at Weis) and stopped at a candy store. The S&H Green Stamp store later moved to a shopping center on White Street in West York. The Burlington Coat Factory moved to the York Mall and has since been converted to Penn National Off-Track Betting . Other tenants through the years have included County Market, Radio Shack, Jo-Ann Fabric, Italian Oven, Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill (relocated to Dover), Wild Bird Center, Horn & Horn Smorgasboard, Leslie’s Swimmming Pool Supplies among others. In recent years the Linens ‘N Things was replaced by HH Gregg, an LA Fitness added next to the Penn Nation OTB, and a Cici’s Pizza franchise opened.

  5. Peter King says:

    My grandparents owned a small store called John Romaine handbags which was located in the North Mall on the upper level. I often would go down to the Orange Julius and get a strawberry julius. Our whole family would eat at the Horn and Horn quite regularly. There was not much else at the mall but it was a fun place.

  6. Janet Smith says:

    When my son was about 4 years old, we were coming out of Kiddie Town, when I realized he wasn’t beside me anymore. I finally found him walking down the ramp/stairs. He always called it “the Crazy Way”. He much preferred it to the regular stairs or escalator.

  7. Kathy Watson says:

    I spent a lot of time at The North Mall in the early 1970’s. My Mom worked at JM Fields at the snack bar and the restaurant. She also worked at the restaurant in the 5&10. I remember my older brother shopping for jeans at The Slack Rack. There was a store at the top of the stairs that sold ‘fun organs’ with the built in synthesizers. Mom would shop at Pantry Pride because that was the only store she could find the Fluff band of fabric softener, and I remember the big wooden barrel of dill pickles back by the deli. Had my ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda when I was 10, and loved the spiral staircase.

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