Monthly Archives: November 2007

A filling Thanksgiving

Hope everyone here had a nice Turkey Day. We just got back from spending two days with family in southern New Jersey. And you know what? I’m thankful I’m from York County! We did port one local mainstay over there … Continue reading

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A Yorkism in honor of the season

Nah, not Thanksgiving, though that’s coming up soon enough… I mean hunting season! And in celebration, I decided to hunt up a new Yorkism. You ever “hunt” or “hunt up” something? It means to look for, in the “Crap, why … Continue reading

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Fun with paperclips

Two facts: 1. When I left my desk, my paperclips looked like this: 2. When I came back, it appeared that all the neatly arranged paperclips on the right were in a heap. Once I went to pull them out … Continue reading

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Catching up

A few highlights: From the “News about Joan” end of things: I have a large cast on my arm. Turns out, my wrist wasn’t just sprained, but also broken. From the Yorker end of things: I went to my first … Continue reading

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