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More in “Canada”

Well, I decided to head back “north” again Saturday… that’s two weekends in a row; will I lose my “Official York Countian” certificate for this? Anyway, my mom and I decided to take advantage of a quiet weekend to head … Continue reading

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My Canada

There is a joke around the office that I’m so York-centric that the greater Harrisburg area is like “my Canada.” I admit a slight degree of directional-challenged-ness on my part might have added to that perception, so I can’t take … Continue reading

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And another one

“OldYorkTimer” also started this interesting thread on the Exchange, how to know if you’re not a Yorker. I’d say you’re not a Yorker if you’ve never done something “quick,” “once,” “yet” or “awhile.”

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Remember when?

Did you live in York County back in the ’50s and ’60s? One of the posters on The Exchange wants to know what you remember about that time. “OldYorkTimer” says he recalls when I-83 ran between Elmwood and East York … Continue reading

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Fun in Thomasville

We spent a rare “family-togetherness morning” today, taking the hubby, daughter, Mom and I to Morningstar Marketplace in Thomasville, Jackson Township. On a side note, while searching for Morningstar online, I found some great local photos on Flickr by Bruce … Continue reading

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