A night at the Revs game

In what appears to be a rarity this season, the Revs won during a recent game that I went to with my daughter and husband. It was Buck-A-Book night, which meant that my junior voracious reader got to go on the field before the game for some festivities and even collect some of the Revs’ autographs.
I was just thrilled with our great seats (field box) and the fact that my daughter also won a $50 savings bond in the home run drawing (that’s when this photo was taken.) Plus, I love that you can see the YDR logo in the photo. Yeah, I’m that dorky.
Any other Revs fans out there?

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  1. DARK STAR says:

    You’ll find the Central League more exciting and you won’t get Into a fire fight.
    I saw the Rev’s last home game In ’07. There were more fundamentals In a MLB rookie league game than I saw displayed there.
    The Atlantic League Is reported to be a cut above. Probably not.

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