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Lots of fun with books

I mentioned my daughter’s work in the letterboxing challenge sponsored by the libraries, the local parks and Keystone Activity Zone. Well, on Sunday, we were out at the Book Nook Bonanza at York Suburban Middle School – brought home four … Continue reading

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Some topics never die!

I got a few more suggestions for names of grandparents. Marie Elena suggested Gram and Pop. Mary reminded me of Omah and Opah… I shouldn’t have forgotten that one, my nephew has an “Oma” and an “Opa”! Their family has … Continue reading

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Names for grandparents – the results so far

So, I had been asking what you call your grandparents. So far, I’ve had a few responses. Here’s what I have so far: For the guys Pap Pawpaw Grandpa Grandfather Pappy Bopaw Great-Pappy (for a great-grandfather) For the gals MauMau … Continue reading

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Another word on redding up

Possibly an authoritative source on redding up‘s origins comes to us from commenter Beau: “Wikipedia gives it to Pittsburgh and Western PA (and as a Butler County native, so would I),” he writes. Interestingly, I found a Pittsburgh winery that … Continue reading

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A (suite?) victory

This is a completely gratuitous picture of George Clooney in a suit, just because we happen to mention suits in this post and because he’s immensely hot. Like Harrison Ford. This blog’s author admits she might have a “thing” for … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Well, first of all, happy day to all you dads out there! It being father’s day, I’m honoring Hubby’s wish for a peaceful day at home. We might go check out the “York’s Greatest Yard Sale” (I still have a … Continue reading

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Blues Traveler concert!!

Rose and I went to check out the Blues Traveler concert at Sovereign Bank Stadium on Saturday night. I haven’t even gone to bed yet, and it’s 4 a.m., so you know it was awesomeness. Check out the professional story … Continue reading

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Small world…

So, in my recent entry on picnic foods, I gave a shoutout to new commenter Joe for his guess about what was missing from my picnic. In another recent entry, I mentioned that one of the posters on The Exchange … Continue reading

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Things I’ve been working on

It’s been a busy week here at the paper, especially online. In addition to our regular work, we’ve recently launched our “Green in York” section, our “Education today” section and made a lot of improvements to our history section, including … Continue reading

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Can I get a receipt for that recipe book?

I didn’t want to miss giving some recognition to the winner of last week’s pronunciation contest on how we might say “recipe.” New commenter Bonnie gets it right in one. What did she say?

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