Blues Traveler concert!!

Rose and I went to check out the Blues Traveler concert at Sovereign Bank Stadium on Saturday night. I haven’t even gone to bed yet, and it’s 4 a.m., so you know it was awesomeness.

Check out the professional story with the professional photos here, then come back and read more of my blog to get my less-than-perfect but still fun take on the concert and some less-than-perfect but still great photos, too!

(First, though, here’s photo proof that I made it to the show.)


The opening act was the Mark DeRose Band, which Rose had heard before, but I hadn’t. They ended up being pretty good – I even bought their CD.

(Here’s their guitarist.)


It rained pretty steadily the whole way through their set, but Rose and I toughed it out down in front anyway. We don’t melt. After their set was over, we went up to get some drinks, and ran into my sister at the concession stand; she and her husband had grabbed some seats under the overhang, so they were staying dry.

More on the music in a minute, but first, let’s have a fashion intermission.

(Which of the following shoes SHOULD you wear to the front rows of an outdoor concert, in a baseball stadium, in the rain? Hint: If you picked MY SNEAKERS, you’re right. If you didn’t, well, at least you were in good company.)


Once Blues Traveler finally came on (there was quite a wait, my only complaint about the whole show) it got a lot more crowded up front.

(Here’s a pretty decent shot of the whole BT crew; click to enlarge.)


All of their songs are good; I’ve been a fan since high school, so I knew most of them except for the new stuff. Which, it was way cool that they HAD new stuff. They hit one of my favorites, “But Anyway,” pretty early on. That was great. We also had “No woman, no cry” – everyone got psyched for that one.

(Here’s the bassist – in a Revs jersey, which he later took off and threw into the crowd. I didn’t get it. :P)


I think my favorite moment of the evening was John Popper’s “Only in York County” mistake.

(Here’s John.)


He had been thanking Mark’s band for their pre-concert entertainment… but he also kept thanking the “Sovereign Band.” After about the third time, between the weird looks from the crowd, the intent stares of the poor bassist and the big flashing screens all around, he’s like, “Wait… is that the stadium name? Sovereign Stadium? Sovereign Bank Stadium? That’s not a band, huh?” I cracked up.

Felt bad, though, too… here’s the guy on the first show of a pretty big tour (he’ll later be joined by Live and Collective Soul – both of whom have GREAT concerts) and he hasn’t sung some of these songs in years. And he’s thanking an invisible band.

He made up for it by playing my very favorite song, though – “The Mountains Win Again.” They closed off the set with a run of songs from Four, which most everyone knew – that, Runaround, Hook, Crash Burn… When they came back out for their encore, they did “Brother John” (I called that!) but they did an awesome mix-in of “Shout!” with it to wrap up.

I bought the live CD set, which they very kindly delivered 20 minutes after the show ended, but I couldn’t bring myself to lay out 30 bucks for the T-shirt, or I’d have a picture of that too.

At any rate, it was an awesome time. I gotta start going to more concerts – I really do hope Sovereign Bank Stadium continues to hold them. I’d go in a heartbeat.

Anyone else go? Or have I been talking to myself for the last 1,000 words?

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