Another word on redding up

Possibly an authoritative source on redding up‘s origins comes to us from commenter Beau:


Wikipedia gives it to Pittsburgh and Western PA (and as a Butler County native, so would I),” he writes.

Interestingly, I found a Pittsburgh winery that makes a Redd-Up Redd wine, adding even more credence to the claim that this hails from that area. And, look, there’s a Redd Up Pittsburgh T-shirt.

And, if you want a real authoritative source, how can you get more credible than PBS?

All right, I promise I’m done talking about redding up for a while.

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One Response to Another word on redding up

  1. Jo Ott says:

    Nope, we’re not quit finished with redd-up. I was born in Juniata Co.–45 mins. n. of H’burg–and learned to speak Pennsyltuckian back then as a child. Today, I’m as old as dirt so it’s been a while. Now, considering that PA was settled from east to west, considering that PBS & others give the Scotch-Irish the credit for some of our colloquialisms, how can Pittsburgers make such a claim as Beau has done when civilization reached Pittsburg last? Sorry, P’burgers, you guys came too late in the game for that claim to be credible.

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