Lots of fun with books

I mentioned my daughter’s work in the letterboxing challenge sponsored by the libraries, the local parks and Keystone Activity Zone.

Well, on Sunday, we were out at the Book Nook Bonanza at York Suburban Middle School – brought home four new boxes of books, yay! – but, after lunch at Perkins, we figured we’d check out some of the eastern York County parks, as we don’t often get out to that end of town.

So, that’s where Sarah got her first two letterboxing stamps – and learned some bug facts from her logbook – one at Springettsbury Township Park and the other at Rocky Ridge.

She enjoyed getting to go “inside a tree” at Springettsbury. And, we had a pleasant surprise at Rocky Ridge… the best man from our wedding, who we’d also run into at the book sale, was just pulling in with his wife and three kids. So, hubby, Sarah and I joined up, making for an eight-person letterboxing expedition.

One leg scrape, one blister and a stunning trip-and-fall by my daughter later, all the kids had their newest stamp, we enjoyed some time with our good friends the Connollys, and we were on our way home – with plans in the works for a possible two-family trip to the D.C. zoo later this summer!

This week’s letterbox stops will probably include Sunset Lane Park and Cousler Park, back out in the “west end.” We’re also planning to take Big!Fluffy!Dog! up to find the three letterboxes at Pinchot.Park – but, he needs a haircut first to make him a little less big and fluffy – he’s way too hot for summer!

It’s been a fun chance to get out to some of the county’s parks. I’m looking forward to posting more as we tour some of them, especially places I haven’t been yet.

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