A wrapup of local favorites week

Thanks to all who’ve stuck with me during my attempt at “Joan’s Local Favorites Week.”

Today, to wrap up the week, I thought I’d hit a topic of reader request – soft pretzels!

Phil says there’s nothing like a Smittie’s soft pretzel. (He’s also a fan of Mack’s chocolate ice cream, which I can’t fault him for.)

Now, for those of you who are true Yorkers, you know a Smittie’s soft pretzel means this:


But, guess what? That might be changing soon. Why, you ask?

Intrepid photographer Jo (who also made mention that I’d forgotten Handel’s ice cream down in York Township) took the above photo of the old “pretzel shack” on Route 74 north of Dover.

But she also got this photo. A sign of change to come?


As long as they still make the best pretzels EVER, I won’t mind if the shack gets a facelift. But, if you’re looking for some pretty strong pretzel competition, try Epex pretzels, up on Route 30 in the Maple Village shopping center. Epex was a family-feud-split off of Smittie’s back in about 2002, and while I’m not sure if the shop is still in the hands of a Smith family member, I know that their pretzels and pretzel sandwiches are pretty awesome. (Had a pretzel dog for lunch yesterday, matter of fact! That might be also win the “local favorites” award for best York County hot dog.)

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