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Weeds, the lawn, and why we should just buy a goat

I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. That’s it up there. You know the kind… brick front, siding on the other sides, and while I don’t have candles in the window, I do have a nice butterfly … Continue reading

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More on window candles

If you can’t tell, it’s “Joan’s cleaning out her inbox” week on the ol’ blog, and I want to keep sharing some of the best comments I’ve received. I had gotten some good responses to my post on window candles. … Continue reading

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Things I don’t eat

A long time ago, commenter Bonnie told me: In these parts we eat “pon haus” aka scrapple. Where’s the hog maw? Where’s the souse…it’s food and should not be confused with getting “soused.” That’s all together different, though both are … Continue reading

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A financial uh-oh

When is a check in the mail, addressed to me, not good news? Check out my guest post on the biz blog to find out.

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Staying hydrated

One of the biggest things that just about ANY weight-loss program will tell you is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day. I have several one-liter bottles of water that I fill up from the water dispenser … Continue reading

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