Gettin’ healthy

I’ve been saying for a while that I need to get healthier. I had lost about 40 pounds back in 2005, and while I certainly haven’t gained it all back, I’m probably close to 20 pounds heavier now than I’d like to be.


This is me in the summer of 2007 at Mount Rushmore. This was probably the last time I was at the weight I want to get back to. (I liked my hair cut like this too, and I’m thinking of doing it again.)

I’ve also gotten a sudden motivation to get skinnier over the next year – my very best friend from high school proposed to his fiancee, and I’ve got to be a “groomsman” in his wedding. Now, if I could wear a tux like the other groomsmen, I’d be set, but I’m worried that his (very awesome) fiancee is going to put me in a dress that shows off my belly fat in nasty ways.

So, it’s time to get fit. What’s the plan, you ask?

I’m actually doing a team fitness thing with the groom in question – last night, for instance, we went to Shetter Park in my town (West Manchester Twp.) to play something that maybe looked a little like tennis. Then, we ended up walking/running around Barrington, which is the very nice neighborhood near the park.

Things I’ve learned:

– I can run. I never thought I’d make it. I don’t go for long periods running, but I can run a block or so without stopping, then walk a block, then run again. Don’t laugh. This is huge!

– I probably need new sneakers. Tennis and then running tonight brought back BAD high school memories of having shin splints. Don’t need a repeat performance of THAT.

– I work out better with company. I need someone to call me a wuss when I’m being a wuss. (Which I do. Kind of a lot.)

So that’s the exercise plan – Tuesday and Thursday tennis/running/hiking this week. Today’s plan is to join up with the hubby and daughter to do some more letterboxing. And today and Friday both, I’m scheduled to take Big!Fluffy!Dog! (aka Coby) for a run/walk around my neighborhood.

Think I can do it? I’m counting on you guys to keep me accountable. If you don’t see me posting about exercising, leave me mean comments till I do!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little about the “what I’m eating” part of this weight-loss effort. Aren’t you excited?

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