Better food

Yes, exercise is good for you, and I explained yesterday how I’m going to do that to help lose some weight.

But, you know what I’ve learned working for and being a member of Weight Watchers the last two or three years?


F-FactorDiet.jpgSo yesterday’s job was to go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy (and natural) foods. I’m tentatively trying a version of the F Factor Diet. It’s basically an immensely high-fiber, “detox” based diet, and while I’m not following it to a T, I’m going to try seriously increasing the amount of fiber I have and seriously decreasing the amount of processed foods with high sodium/sugar/carb levels I have. In theory, it should help.

And, maybe I’ll actually feel FULL some of the time. I swear, I never feel full.

So I stocked up on radishes, high-fiber cereal, some light cheese wedges, and a bunch of salad stuff. Plus, I’ve got some chicken breasts done in light barbecue sauce sitting in the fridge at home to have as leftovers.

I think I can do it! The first goal is not to eat fast food for the rest of this week. Let’s see how that goes…

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