Staying hydrated

waterbottle.jpgOne of the biggest things that just about ANY weight-loss program will tell you is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day.

I have several one-liter bottles of water that I fill up from the water dispenser on my fridge, and my goal is to drink at least one, hopefully two of them a day, as part of my weight-loss plan. There’s tons of different opinions on how much water you should drink a day, but I thought this quiz from was a good indicator – it put me at just about two liters daily, which sounds about right.

Here’s the down-and-dirty on what it says. (Don’t laugh at my weight.)

A person who is 142 pounds and is exercising for 5 minutes, is not pregnant, is not breastfeeding, does not live at a high altitude, does not live in a dry climate, drinks 0 alcoholic drink(s), when the weather is not very hot or very cold, and is not sick with fever or diarrhea should have: 71.5 ounces of water today, or 2.1 liters. If you eat a healthy diet, about 20 percent of your water may come from the foods you eat. If you eat a healthy diet you can drink 57.2 ounces of water today, or 1.7 liters.

What do you think? How much water do you drink (or do you think you SHOULD drink) in a day?

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