Weeds, the lawn, and why we should just buy a goat


I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. That’s it up there. You know the kind… brick front, siding on the other sides, and while I don’t have candles in the window, I do have a nice butterfly bush that really looks nice around this time of year.

Now, the problem with living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, is that if you let the weeds get even slightly out of control, in comparison with your neighbors, your house looks like this:


Now, why, you ask, would I LET my weeds take over like that?

Well, it wasn’t intentional. We just have the worst EVER luck with lawnmowers. Knock on wood, the used riding mower we bought earlier this year has done great so far – except for the fact that we had to have it completely disassembled to put in a new battery because the previous owner put his in wrong, but, hey. What can you do?

But we are just heck on push mowers. I swear, I’ve gone through almost one a year since about 2000. This spring marked the demise of yet another one, and we were limping along just doing the “big” parts of the yard with the riding mower and having our friend Paul do a run through the other areas when he could.

But that was getting old, so Hubby and I decided to take a trip to Lowe’s to get a new push mower. This was about two months ago, when gas was teetering on $4 a gallon.

So we got a bright idea: Why not get a reel mower? Not only were they a good 50 bucks cheaper, but no gas – and, we weren’t really talking about that big of an area, were we?

It was a good thought, really. But last weekend, we decided that just wasn’t going to do the trick, especially in the part of our yard that’s fenced in for the dog and, well, home to some high-quality “dog fertilizer” that makes for BIG weeds and hearty grass.

So onto a local yard-sale mailing list went the reel mower, and out to Lowe’s went Hubby and I for a less-environmentally-friendly but more us-friendly model. You know, the kind with a motor?

I argue we’ve spent more in mowers since we’ve been together than it would have cost to buy and care for a goat. But if the nice people of West Manchester Township hate our weeds, I wonder what they’d say about … livestock??

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