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Scrapple NOT German?

I’ve been talking quite a bit about that meat-which-I-hate, scrapple. Well, one of my readers, Mark, chimed in with some really amazing information on what I had assumed was a Pennsylvania Dutch (and therefore German in origin) food: Short background, … Continue reading

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More day-trippin’

Hubby and I had about two and a half hours to spare last Wednesday, so we decided to take a mini day-trip, kind of like the one we took the Wednesday before to Lock Haven. Where did we get in … Continue reading

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The quote game

Thanks to all who played along with my “quote game” the other week. My personal favorite of the reader responses was this one that my sister-in-law Adriane got: “Early morning cheerfulness can be extremely obnoxious.” William Feather (1908 – 1976) … Continue reading

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More on zombies in York County

Turns out the York Newspaper Co. is far and away the most popular choice for a place to hunker down during a zombie uprising. My good friend Dan had a really great idea: To the press room! You can gain … Continue reading

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Pfaltzgraff might be out… but SaveSmart is in

More news from this week: Monday marked the opening day of SaveSmart, a discount grocery that took the place of Shur-Fine on Carlisle Road in Dover Township. Virginia Kelly, who lives close to the new Save Smart, in Dover Township, … Continue reading

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More of Pfaltzgraff slipping away

Yesterday’s big news was that Lifetime Brands, the owner of the Pfaltzgraff brand, is closing all its remaining outlet stores, as well as a distribution center in West Manchester Township. I’m a huge outlet shopper, so this comes as a … Continue reading

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A nice day trip

On Wednesday, hubby and I were both off, so we decided to take a day-trip drive. Hubby chose Lock Haven as our destination, planning that we’d take the scenic route up and back. We didn’t have any big plans – … Continue reading

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Important things newspaper editors talk about

Actual conversation from a recent night at work, between hubby and I and a couple of the other editors: Would the newspaper company building (below) be a good place to hole up during a zombie uprising? Pluses: Most of the … Continue reading

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A last word of advice on scrapple

From my sister Carol (who affectionately calls herself “Not quite the oldest Sis”), here is a piece of decent advice if you must eat scrapple. Don’t think about it….just eat it! Louise (another sister) is right about thin and crisp. … Continue reading

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Rainy days and Mondays

As if the wet basement weren’t bad enough, of course it was rainy late last week and over the weekend. So, in honor of it being the Monday after all that rain, I thought I’d show you how I spent … Continue reading

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