Important things newspaper editors talk about

Actual conversation from a recent night at work, between hubby and I and a couple of the other editors:

Would the newspaper company building (below) be a good place to hole up during a zombie uprising?

Pluses: Most of the building has few accessible windows. There are vending machines, running water and bathrooms. Various parts of the building are able to be shut off and are only accesible through fairly heavy doors, using a keycard.

Minuses: The mailroom, where the paper is assembled and put onto trucks. Think about it. Any room designed for easy access by tractor-trailers is also easy access for the undead. Also, the lunchroom, where the vending machines are, has a glass door and a wall of windows to the outside. And, in general, there’s not a place of “higher ground” where we could go as a last resort.


Hubby maintains our house would be safer. I don’t know… too many windows. Plus, it’s just not that big. I’m afraid I’d get claustrophobic. I ended up voting to stay at the ol’ newspaper company.

You wonder that we get a newspaper and news Web site produced, don’t you?

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5 Responses to Important things newspaper editors talk about

  1. Susan says:

    I’m with you, gotta hunker down at the YNC.
    Hey, you ought to get the goat for that yard. Of course, then there are all those droppings…

  2. Dan Bupp says:

    To the press room! You can gain the the higher ground if you scale that metal monster and create an outer perimeter by using a forklift to maneuver the newsprint rolls around it like a palisade. Geesh- you need to start watching MacGyver again! 😛

  3. megan says:

    I say the YNC would be better. There are also a multitude of items that can be used as weapons. As long as these are non-intelligent zombies who are unable to use said improvised weapons…

  4. Ellen Feldman says:

    Actually the best place at YNC would be the 3rd floor penthouse (above the pressroom – only accessible through the lockable elevator and 5 floor stairwell door that is locked. No windows! Not that many people know about this area….well now they do…You guys crack me up! Fortifying the press area with rolls of newsprint – that is hilarious – but would be effective! :)

  5. Hubby says:

    Not to be a geek, but I’d like to point out that your second photo is a blog entry is from the 1970s classic “Dawn of the Dead.” Pictured there on the right is actor David Emge, who is portraying Stephen ….(spoiler alert)…. AFTER Stephen has turned into a member of the shambling undead. Stephen had an accident in an elevator, leading to his zombie-fication.

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