Important things newspaper editors talk about

Actual conversation from a recent night at work, between hubby and I and a couple of the other editors:

Would the newspaper company building (below) be a good place to hole up during a zombie uprising?

Pluses: Most of the building has few accessible windows. There are vending machines, running water and bathrooms. Various parts of the building are able to be shut off and are only accesible through fairly heavy doors, using a keycard.

Minuses: The mailroom, where the paper is assembled and put onto trucks. Think about it. Any room designed for easy access by tractor-trailers is also easy access for the undead. Also, the lunchroom, where the vending machines are, has a glass door and a wall of windows to the outside. And, in general, there’s not a place of “higher ground” where we could go as a last resort.


Hubby maintains our house would be safer. I don’t know… too many windows. Plus, it’s just not that big. I’m afraid I’d get claustrophobic. I ended up voting to stay at the ol’ newspaper company.

You wonder that we get a newspaper and news Web site produced, don’t you?

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