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Pop quiz results: Chicken-corn soup

You might remember that I asked last week what are the two local staple ingredients in chicken-corn soup, besides, you know, chicken and corn? Reader response to this one rocked – I think it was my best “quiz” ever! I’m … Continue reading

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More local pizza memories

I had posted last week about Showbiz Pizza, predecessor to Chuck E. Cheese. Mark, checking in from Austria, had some fond memories of other yummy local pizza. He wrote: Does anyone remember Pappy’s Pizza? It used to be right off … Continue reading

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How bad will winter be?

There’s definitely a nip in the air this week, as we approach Halloween. That, and some photos that Jo recently shared with me, got me thinking about this guy: According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the woolly bear caterpillar’s reddish-brown … Continue reading

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Shoo-fly redux

So now, not only have I not tried shoo-fly pie, but I’ve learned that there is a difference between a “wet-bottom” and a “dry-bottom” crust on such a pie. Megan writes: “My grandmother made dry bottom Shoo-Fly pie when I … Continue reading

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More on hamburg barbecue

Well, first of all, here was my good-quality barbecue from the Scrabble tournament earlier this month (which, by the way, I took second in my division at!): My previous posts on hamburg barbecue, at first, drew only the “correct” answer … Continue reading

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Another local food favorite

How about chicken-corn soup as a favorite York County dish? I took this picture a few weekends ago, when I was playing at a local Scrabble tournament (yes, I’m that dorky.) Our lunch consisted of some good hamburg barbecue (more … Continue reading

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Showbiz Pizza… where a kid can be a kid!

Spent a good part of Sunday morning at Chuck E. Cheese in Springettsbury Township for the birthday party of my “honorary nephew,” Brayden. In between eating our bacon pizza (yum) and playing Deal or No Deal video games (I did … Continue reading

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Time for leaves

I took this picture of my daughter, Sarah, with her “Pappy” (my father-in-law, John) when he and his wife, Sally, were visiting us last week. We went over to Lancaster County for the day on Sunday the 12th, and this … Continue reading

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Chicken patty on roll, baked macaroni, relish tray, fruit and milk

Remember the days of school lunch menus? My favorite was always the rubbery steak and cheese sandwich. My daughter lives for pizza or chicken nuggets. When reading her menu this weekend, I saw a phrase that has been around since … Continue reading

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Pronunciation station

OK, next quiz: What way do locals mispronounce the name of this staple of middle-of-the-night York County shopping goodness? I’m guilty of this one myself, and I can see no good reason why we do this. For some reason, we … Continue reading

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