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Pop quiz results: Chicken-corn soup

You might remember that I asked last week what are the two local staple ingredients in chicken-corn soup, besides, you know, chicken and corn? Reader response to this one rocked – I think it was my best “quiz” ever! I’m … Continue reading

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More local pizza memories

I had posted last week about Showbiz Pizza, predecessor to Chuck E. Cheese. Mark, checking in from Austria, had some fond memories of other yummy local pizza. He wrote: Does anyone remember Pappy’s Pizza? It used to be right off … Continue reading

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How bad will winter be?

There’s definitely a nip in the air this week, as we approach Halloween. That, and some photos that Jo recently shared with me, got me thinking about this guy: According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the woolly bear caterpillar’s reddish-brown … Continue reading

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Shoo-fly redux

So now, not only have I not tried shoo-fly pie, but I’ve learned that there is a difference between a “wet-bottom” and a “dry-bottom” crust on such a pie. Megan writes: “My grandmother made dry bottom Shoo-Fly pie when I … Continue reading

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More on hamburg barbecue

Well, first of all, here was my good-quality barbecue from the Scrabble tournament earlier this month (which, by the way, I took second in my division at!): My previous posts on hamburg barbecue, at first, drew only the “correct” answer … Continue reading

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