Pop quiz results: Chicken-corn soup

You might remember that I asked last week what are the two local staple ingredients in chicken-corn soup, besides, you know, chicken and corn?

Reader response to this one rocked – I think it was my best “quiz” ever! I’m a little embarassed by a couple of you, though. But I love you anyway!

The correct answer, of course, is hard-boiled eggs and rivels (more on what, exactly, a rivel is in a minute).

Dan was basically right. He said hard-boiled eggs and egg noodles.

Marie Elena can be forgiven. She’s from up Harrisburg way. She said potatoes. C’mon now!

Ellen was right on the eggs AND the rivels, but she says her family always added celery, too.

Jo not only had the right answer, she provided a pretty complete recipe, which involves cooking celery and carrots with the chicken but straining them out after the chicken is removed from the pot. You then cook that nice chicken broth with the corn, the cooked chicken meat and the rivels a bit longer.

Now, here’s a recipe I found for how to make rivels:

Take 2 cups flour, a dash of salt and two eggs. Mix together. Make little tiny chunks – strips, round balls, whatever. Drop ’em in the soup.

Easy enough, right? Any debate on that recipe? (If you want a version of the soup recipe, try this one.)

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