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In case you hadn’t heard…

A true “Only in York County” legend passed away last week. Larry S. Geier Sr., who was best known for riding in parades and around town with his basset hounds on his motorcycle, died Sunday the 23rd. He was 64. … Continue reading

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Win concert tickets!

So, you might remember that I’m going crazy over the fact that Hubby and I are seeing David Byrne at the Strand on Dec. 4. Well, guess what? The newspaper company is giving away two pairs of tickets – and … Continue reading

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The why of Frostee Fries

I mentioned yesterday that reader Mark gave a good explanation behind why people like to dip their french fries in a Wendy’s Frostee. His thoughts? “Sweet AND Salty! Such as Scrapple and Syrup, I have noticed that Yorkers like their … Continue reading

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Reader responses: French-fry condiments

You might remember a couple of weeks back, I asked what your favorite condiment was for french fries. I got lots of answers. Of course, there’s ketchup. That’s my choice for fry condiment. But I’m open-minded, so I accepted other … Continue reading

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The great weekend excursion

It’s Saturday in York County. (And heavens, we’ve had “bad weather.” We need bread, toilet paper and milk, ain’t so?) So where do you go? Well, if you’re MY family, it’s definitely here: In our case, we headed out to … Continue reading

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Let it snow!

Really, I don’t like snow. But there’s something about the first snowfall of the year that does make me a little happy. I took this picture of the tiny bit of accumulation driving north on Bull Road outside of Dover, … Continue reading

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It’s REALLY getting cold outside, and I hate it. But I’m lucky; I work inside. Unlike this guy: That photo was taken this morning by Jason Plotkin, one of our staff photographers. In it, Bob Decker, a crossing guard at … Continue reading

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Holy cow, I cooked!

Those of you who know me well know that I am NOT a cook. We’re very lucky that my mom lives with us and sees to our dietary needs, because otherwise, Hubby would be eating even more ramen than he … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom, Part II

Every language has its “words of wisdom.” I talked about fortune cookie proverbs yesterday… but today, I have something even better – Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs! These are from November’s Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group newsletter, which got them from “Proverbs of … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom

I just love fortune cookies. In fact, I’ve got almost 20 of them taped to my computer monitor. My favorites? “Soon life will become more interesting.” “Your life gains the stability you desire.” (Now, which one is it??) “If you … Continue reading

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