Christmas crazy

As I hinted at before, we’re kind of crazy about Christmas decorations in our family. We don’t do any outdoor lights, but we’ve been known to have four (or more) Christmas trees, fully decorated, and we collect Christmas things like nativities, Nutcrackers, music boxes, little houses, etc.

We’re not 100 percent done with the decorating yet (for instance, the tree for my daughter’s bedroom will go up Wednesday, and she’ll trim it later this week), but we’re close.

So here’s a look at the Concilio-Otto house this Christmas:


This is our gingerbread tree, which stands in our dining room. The dining room and kitchen are pretty much gingerbread-themed.


Our fireplace is home to our Nutcracker and nativity collection. At one time I had more than 50 Nutcrackers and more than 20 Nativities. I’m not sure I have quite as many now, but it’s close. (Oh, and do you like how many stockings we have? This is actually the FEWEST stockings we’ve ever hung on this mantle. Our first Christmas at this house, we had two roommates. The following two Christmases, we had an extra cat and a different roommate. This Christmas, no roommates, and unfortunately, one of our cats had to be put to sleep this year.)


This is our main living room tree. It’s Irish-themed. No wrapped gifts under it yet, but that’ll come very soon. In the foreground, you can just see the tops of our music box collection; there’s 15 or so of those on our “window ledge” that separates our living room from the hallway.


And what would Christmas be without COOKIES? I was not the chef on these; Hubby spent yesterday (his birthday) turning our dining room into cookie factory central, making something like 30 dozen cookies of various flavors to use as gifts for our staffs here at work, and as our contribution to the office potlucks. This is just some of them!

OK, I know at least Buffy will answer this… what’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

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