Have a go at this one

I thought we were due for a couple of “light” posts… since I’m sure we all “ate heavy” over the holidays, right?

This one comes from faithful reader Jo. She’d mentioned in before, but in her response to my discout meat post, she used it again, and it reminded me.

It’s “a go of” something. In her comment, she mentions that her quality but inexpensive ground beef went in part to make “a nice go of chili.” We had talked before about making “a go of” iced tea instead of a pitcher.

Now, my question is, what’s that come from? I couldn’t find anything online. One idea I had is it might be short for a “go-around” or “go-round.” (You know, a complete … something is a go-round? So a complete “thing” of iced tea might be a “go” instead of a pitcher. A complete “thing” of chili might be a “go” instead of a pot.)

I don’t know. Just an idea. Discuss!!

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