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A fun blast from the past

Guess what I just did? I printed out my honeymoon photos! (Guess it was about time… we’re coming up on our fourth anniversary in May.) Here’s a fun one. Don’t laugh at me.

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Chow down

Call it serendipity… I was going through my list of local food traditions, trying to decide which one to post about next, when I saw this discussion on our message boards about another regional favorite – chow chow. (And they … Continue reading

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Fun at the grocery store

Yesterday, we had a couple of things to pick up at the grocery store, and Hubby had some stuff to mail, so we went to the Weis on Roosevelt Avenue, which has a postal store in the front of it. … Continue reading

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Another old ad

Remember my post on the old ad for Lydia A. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound? Well, Hubby found me another York-related ad, not quite so old, but still neat. This one’s for a York window-unit air conditioner. It, like the Lydia E. … Continue reading

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No, not for me (well, nothing drastic, anyway.) But Sarah Girl got a good 5 or more inches taken off last week. The motivation for the drastic change? She wanted to look more like Kit, her new American Girl doll. … Continue reading

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