Here’s a possible Yorkism for your consideration:

What do you call the three meals you eat each day?

Breakfast, I think we can all agree on. But what do you eat at midday? What do you eat in the evening? You get bonus points if for you, like in my family, it differs based on day of the week.

Post your comments… in a couple of days, I’ll tell you what our family’s meal names are.

Just for fun, here’s a Lego version of the Last Supper from The Brick Testament.


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My name is Joan and I'm a lifelong Yorker. Throughout high school and college, I swore I was getting out of here as soon as possible. Now, a few years later, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. I love my town, and I hear every day from readers who love their towns, too. So please, connect with me and let's share what makes life in York County great. I'm here to help you enjoy this place as much as I do!
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