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It’s been a while since I shared one of my Page-A-Day Web sites with you, but today’s got me thinking in a local way. It’s a page of McDonald’s “local adaptations” in its foreign locations. You know, the Greek Mac … Continue reading

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Pattie memories in York

The Peppermint Pattie story I mentioned yesterday was one of our most-viewed stories online all day Saturday, and I’m not surprised. We also got a lot of comments, many unhappy with outsourcing, but others reminiscing about the Pattie being made … Continue reading

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Sad breaking news

Sad news today, folks, in the world of local and food-related items. (Mark, I know you’ll especially not like this one.) The York Peppermint Pattie, which used to be made in York but was most recently made in Reading at … Continue reading

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Food fun, or, why you shouldn’t be too literal

From a funny e-mail making the rounds: Think about it. “I want a cake decorated. Yes, I’d like it to say ‘Best wishes Suzanne.’ Underneath that, ‘We will miss you.’” Oops.

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Cheeseburger paradise

One of my favorite locally owned places to eat is Alexander’s Restaurant on Route 74 in West Manchester Township. I took Hubby there for lunch last Friday, and for less than the cost of a couple of value meals, he … Continue reading

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Fun with barter, or, how Joan could get a goat

One of my favorite things to do with Hubby is send funny Craigslist postings back and forth. Well, he got me the best one on Saturday night. “I am looking to get a dairy goat. Will perform weeks/months worth of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day recap, part 2

Last summer, I had mentioned how much I love the art of bento – a Japanese style of packed lunch, sometimes decorative, usually with varied foods and in a nice container. Well, I’m not very artistic. And I’m certainly no … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day recap, part 1

Just had to show off what was waiting at work for me on Friday. Didn’t Hubby do a good job? In addition to the flowers, we took a day trip Wednesday (photos from that to come), and he got me … Continue reading

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Revisiting Showbiz

It’s been a while since I posted about Showbiz Pizza and other former York County pizza places, like Pappy’s. But while doing this week’s promised clean-out of e-mail, I found a couple of Showbiz comments, both of which were too … Continue reading

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So here’s a hogmaw question

If you’re going to eat hogmaw… which I’m the first to admit I am NOT lining up to do… I’ve long contended that there’s a big debate over whether you actually eat the pig stomach or not. I finally got … Continue reading

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