Valentine’s Day recap, part 2

Last summer, I had mentioned how much I love the art of bento – a Japanese style of packed lunch, sometimes decorative, usually with varied foods and in a nice container.

Well, I’m not very artistic. And I’m certainly no cook.

But last week, there was only one day that Sarah was packing her lunch – the day before the school Valentine party – and I wanted to make her something special. So I did my own best-I-could bento.


It’s all made inside some Crayola container we’d gotten to hold her sandwiches each day. I made a regular ham-and-cheese sandwich, then I used two different sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters to create the little heart-shaped sandwiches for the four corners of the box. (I ended up with almost no sandwich left over, which was a nice bonus.)

Then, I put in some green apple slices in the middle, and added two of her favorite chocolate treats – Peppermint Patties – at the top middle. Put the lid on, and it didn’t even shift around on her way to school.

She said she loved it! I was so happy. Some of her friends liked it too. She did say one kid “looked at it funny,” but poop on him! 🙂

We celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family Saturday morning with heart-shaped waffles made by my mom. Hubby and Mom had syrup on theirs; I had butter and cinnamon-sugar, and Sarah had butter, cinnamon-sugar, AND mini M&Ms. She was in heaven! Wish I had thought to take a picture.

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