Fun with barter, or, how Joan could get a goat

One of my favorite things to do with Hubby is send funny Craigslist postings back and forth.

Well, he got me the best one on Saturday night.

“I am looking to get a dairy goat. Will perform weeks/months worth of farm work or math tutoring in exchange. I am an experienced tutor and work as a professional mathematician.”

The scary part? He thought maybe it was me! (You’ll remember that I was considering goat ownership last summer.)

It was not my post, but I wish it had been. That’s an awesome idea. I’m a big fan of barter, and an even bigger fan of unusual barter combinations. (There was also one on Craigslist in which someone would trade homemade pet beds for a tattoo… also not me. Sorry. But if you have a goat and a tattoo for me, I might be willing to trade you for all the scrapple you can eat…)


About Joan

My name is Joan and I'm a lifelong Yorker. Throughout high school and college, I swore I was getting out of here as soon as possible. Now, a few years later, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. I love my town, and I hear every day from readers who love their towns, too. So please, connect with me and let's share what makes life in York County great. I'm here to help you enjoy this place as much as I do!
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2 Responses to Fun with barter, or, how Joan could get a goat

  1. Mark Grubic says:

    SOLD!!!! You have no idea how much scrapple I can eat!!!! Oh, does the tattoo have to be permanent? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Eric says:

    Joan, if you get a goat, you need to attend the races in Falmouth. In addition to racing with the goat, you may enter the dress-up contest (owner and goat — Peter Pan and Tinkerbell is a common theme).

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