It’s been 30 years

I took the photo above in January 2008, as Hubby and I were driving home from New Year’s festivities in Mount Joy. We were rambling along the river, and I couldn’t miss the chance to capture this iconic York County shot of the cooling towers at Three Mile Island.

Looks peaceful, doesn’t it? But 30 years ago today, it was anything but. That was the day of the near-meltdown at TMI.

In today’s edition, we look at families whose babies were born that day. You can read fellow blogger Amy Gulli’s experiences as a toddler when the event occured. And take a look back at our Remember series, whichi last year highlighted audio and video memories of that day. Then, read about the plant’s plans for the future and see more TMI photos, both past and present.

Looking back – with the perspective of someone whose family was here, but who wasn’t quite born yet – I can see the good and the bad of living in the shadow of TMI. It brings jobs and energy to the area, as well as some pleasant surprises, but always a degree of risk, as those who shared their memories from 1979 can surely attest.

But one thing is for sure. You don’t get much more “Only in York County” than Three Mile Island, especially today.

(2003 photo by Paul Kuehnel)

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